It’s Here, It’s Here!!!

Get Organized with Creative Scrapbooker Magazine and Totally-Tiffany.

Yes, I am working!

Just got my new copy of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

This is exciting for 2 reasons:

1 – I love receiving Happy Mail
2 – This is the first edition that features yours truly, as The Organized Crafter – see page 76.

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tifany

I was so thrilled to be invited to join the team at CSM.  These girls are super crafty and soooo talented.  I also got to meet and hang out with Kelly Klapstein at HSN.  She’s AWESOME and makes hand lettering so easy.  You’ll definitely want to check out her article on Hand Lettering Cards for Special Occasions.

Of course, I can’t resist the urge to organize…

So after getting through the magazine the first time, I had to do a little work to “organize” my Creative Scrapbooker Magazine so I could easily refer back to each section.

I rounded up a few basic tools: scissors, label maker (don’t leave home without it), fun paper and my TAB Punch from WeR and got started.

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tiffany

I LOVE organizing and crafting at the same time!  Two of my favorite things all rolled into one activity!

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tiffany
Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tiffany

The WeR Tab Punch is one of my favorite tools.  It comes with super durable clear stickers to cover the tabs you create, which is perfect for labeling things like magazines and planners.

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tiffany

I didn’t label all of the sections, just the major sections that I was sure I wanted to refer back to.

Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is loaded with layout ideas and usually has an amazing “gallery” section.  I couldn’t possibly label everything I love, so I just picked a few of the major categories or ideas, starting with Kelly’s lettering article.

I’ve loved all the poured paint projects I’ve seen, but couldn’t figure out how I might use poured paint.  This gorgeous ornament Nicole Wright created got me thinking – I’m going to use this idea to create my own tile “coasters.”

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tifany

How good would a Scrapbooking magazine be if it didn’t include tips and tricks from a top notch photographer?  Alison Orthner’s  article about photographing horizons is especially timely for me, as I’m heading off on a big adventure with my 2 boys and my mom next week.  I’ll take her tips with me as we head out into the cities and parks of India.

Organize magazine articles with Totally-Tifany

A couple more reasons why I really enjoy CSM.

I LOVE the quality of paper this magazine is printed on.  It feels so good in your hands.

The photographs are beautiful.

The variety or styles featured in the magazine will inspire anyone!

Back in the day, there were so many scrapbooking and paper crafting magazines to choose from.  I loved getting every one of them. I would stash them away as a “prize” for getting my to-do list done.  At the end of the day, I would put my boys in bed, grab a glass of wine and open my new magazine. It was sad when all of our magazines disappeared.  Now, for me, that simple joy is back with my subscription to Creative Scrapbooker.

If you’d love to spend an evening alone with a good magazine, this is the one for you.  You can Subscribe Here, I don’t get any kickback, I’m not required to share this as part of my writing contract, I just love it, and I love to share what I love with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Crafting,

Totally-Tiffany signature T.

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  1. Have fun on your trip! How exciting!
    When I get a crafty magazine – I use tips I’ve learned from you – I’ll copy the section if it might have several applications (cards and mixed media or cards and birthdays for example) or I’ll just scribble a note if short on time or don’t want to waste paper. Then I add the copy or note to either my Reference Binder and/or Storage Spots for the supply/theme. Making sure to reference where the magazine is kept. I keep the magazine in a specific spot on shelf –>> cuz they are ‘tools’!

  2. 4 times a year my treat arrives in the mail.Happy Dance and message my buddy so she can rush to her mailbox too. Welcome to our family and thank you for hints this edition and in the future

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