Organizing paper collections & paper pads

One common challenge we face when organizing is the idea that we need to store the same types of items together, i.e., paper pads.  Initially, it makes sense to stack all of your paper pads up in one area.  They’re all the same size and shape, so stacking is easy.  At the risk of sounding redundant, in fact VERY redundant – “Keep things together you use together.”

Christmas paper pads are most certainly never going to be used when you’re scrapping about basketball, same with Christmas paper collections. Both pads and collections should be stored within the 4 section system.

Because most of us are paper junkies, we will have 2 areas for paper storage, the first with our embellishments – usually smaller amounts of paper, the second just for paper.  Both areas should be arranged in the same way – the 4 section system.

Organizing paper collections for small themes/categories

Paper collections can be stored with your other supplies in your ScrapRack, 12×12 supply storage boxes or other storage tools when the theme and the collection are small.

The tooth fairy paper collection (above left) is 8 sheets of paper in 4 designs.  This will easily fit into a SuperSized Single or Sideloader Single.  The tooth fairy is also a very small theme – these are the only papers I own that fit in the theme. In this situation, it’s better to store the paper with the coordinating embellishments (above right).  I’ve got mine in a ScrapRack, but the same idea would be true if you were organizing in a box or file.

If you’re using something like the 12×12 plastic storage boxes (above right) you’ll want to include your paper in the box with the other embellishments.  Again, this is for themes where you only own a small amount of paper.

Organizing paper collections for large themes/categories

If you have a large collection of paper for a particular category, Christmas, Disney, Travel, etc. It will be best to store those large paper collections in with your other paper, in your vertical paper storage system or on your Paper Cart.

In general, paper pads are going to qualify as “large” collections and should also be stored vertically with other large collections.

Organize Paper Pads and stacks with in the 4 section system.

Store your paper within the 4 section system regardless of what type of storage tool you’re using.

Holiday paper pads like those shown on the left will be stored in the calendar year section.

Themed paper pads will be stored in the appropriate theme and rainbow paper pads will be stored in the rainbow section.

My paper storage cart is arranged with rainbow paper on the top shelf and themes and calendar on the bottom.

It was easy to slide the rainbow paper pads in next to my vertical paper storage boxes on the top shelf.

I labeled the “beach” paper pad with a sticky note and added it to the bottom shelf in front of the themes A, B, C storage box.  You could also choose to slide the beach pad in with the loose beach themed papers.  The advantage of having the pads “in” the boxes, is when you pull out a box to take to your workspace, you know you’ve got everything.

ScrapMaster - Organize scrapbooking supplies by collection. Totally-Tiffany

Loose paper collections

If you’ve got loose paper collections, the first step to getting them organized is containing them all together. Try sliding them into the SuperSized Single storage page, or if it’s a really large collection, put them all into a ScrapMaster.  Then add them to the appropriate section of your vertical paper storage system.

Organizing paper by manufacturer or designer

If you prefer to keep your paper organized by manufacturer, the best option for getting the most use is to create a cross reference of some type.  When Basic Grey was around (I was addicted to that line), I would take the cover sheet out of the paper pack and put it in the section where the paper would most likely be used – that would remind me to look in the Basic Grey storage box.

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If you need help getting organized, please join us for the Get Organized Challenge series.  It’s fun, it’s free and you’ll feel fabulous when your supplies are organized.  You can learn more about the Get Organized Challenge by clicking here!

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