4 Project Life Storage Solutions

This week during the Get Organized Challenge, I was asked about storing Project Life Cards.  If you use Project Life cards, you know the biggest challenges with them are; the number of cards some of the sets include, followed by a somewhat generic design (mostly similar colors, but the large card sets don’t really have a theme.)  The shear number of designs in the large sets can also be problematic.  The smaller sets of cards are much easier to organize and generally are more theme based.

Here are a few ideas for storing your Project Life cards, both large and small sets.  Try to keep your set organized by theme or color whenever possible.

Desk Top or Shelf Options

If you’ve got space on a shelf or your work table to have your cards out and available (which also means they’ll get the most use), the Desk Maid Stadium Arranger or Die, Stamp and Supply Organizer are good options.

This Stadium Arranger is 9″ wide and 3 levels high. Like all of our Desk Maid brand items, it’s made of white wood and can be painted, inked…

This Die, Stamp and Supply organizer is 15″ wide and has 3 sections for card storage.  The back section can also be used for 4×6 PL cards.

Binder Style Storage

If you prefer to keep your Project Life cards organized in a binder.  Try combining one of our 12×12 craft binders with the ScrapRack; Perfect Six Page (4×6 pockets), Trader’s Twelve Page (3×4 pockets) or even the Flippin’ Storage Page.

4×6 Fab Files

The 4×6 Fab File, which includes file folders is a great solution for storing a couple of sets of Project Life cards together.

I cut the image of all of the Project Life cards in the set off the packaging and included it in the Fab File with the PL cards. (I also used it when I put the PL cards in the Stadium Arranger pictured above.)  This gave me an “at a glace” idea of all of the cards in the set.

The plastic file folders that are included with the Fab File are perfect for separating each collection of cards.

Put the 4×6 cards in the back of the file, stack the 3×4 cards in 2 piles on top of the 4×6 cards.  You can fold a piece of paper to act as divider between the 2 stacks of 3×4 to help keep them separated, but it’s not necessary.

The Monica Buddy Bag

Monica is a perfect Buddy Bag for Project Life.  Store the 3″x4″ card side by side.

Monica is 3.25″ deep, so she’ll hold a couple of smaller card collections, or 1 large card collection.

Update – One of our readers (comment below) let us know that Project Life has downloadable images of all their collections on their website.  Here’s a link.

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you’re struggling with getting your paper crafting supplies organized, I hope you’ll join me for the Get Organized Challenge classes.  They’re fun, they’re FREE and you’ll feel FABULOUS when your supplies are organized and accessible.

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6 Responses to 4 Project Life Storage Solutions

  1. My process is to remove themes first and put them in my ScrapRack. The I sort by color and put them in a drawer behind color tabs. I do this with 3×4 and 4×6.both. When I have two of a card, I file the second one by the back side. Wish I could have them out and visible, but I don’t have the space. The best I can do is put them near my papers.

    • If you go to the PL website you can download a PDF with pictures of all the cards on it. I have those printed and keep them with my cards as it’s much easier to flip through the paper than a bunch of cards!!
      I do like the look of the binder system though, may try that out one day.

  2. Tiffany I do not used Project life set ups. I find it constricting to the journaling process.
    I keep my paper packs in your Scraprack and the paper pads in a crate system with Labeling at the top of the themed paper.

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