4 Scrap Storage Options

Organizing your scraps is easy, just follow the 4 Section System. Organize your scraps by color, theme/sentiment, or season/holiday.

If you want to get the best use of your scraps, try to store them with other supplies in the same category, i.e., Christmas scraps should be stored with your other Christmas supplies, blue scraps should be stored in the blue rainbow section, etc. To be organized, you need to “keep things together you use together”, and scraps are no exception.

This post is more about storage options than organizing.  If you need help organizing scraps, try watching the GOC Paper Organization Challenge.

The ScrapMaster

These 12×12 file folders are ideal for scrap storage in conjunction with Paper Storage Boxes, Fab Files, or Paper Handlers.  Each folder has 3 large pockets and 3 smaller gusseted interior pockets.

12×12 Paper Storage Box

12×12 Paper Handler

12×12 Fab File

The ScrapRack – Use basic storage pages

The ScrapRack is the perfect place to store all of your scrapbooking supplies, even your scraps.  Store your scraps in ScrapRack pages in the 4 Section System.  Christmas scraps in the calendar section, green scraps in the rainbow.  If you keep your scraps with all of your other supplies you’ll be far more likely to use them!  My favorite pages for scrap storage are the Fabulous Four and the Vertical DoubleDouble-Sided Duos work well also!

Kiwi Lane Template Organizer

The Kiwi Lane Template Organizer storage cards can be used to store scraps too.  There are 5 different designs available (the 5th arriving in mid-February 2019).  They all store neatly in the box that is included with the Designer Template Organizer Set. Sorry, the box is not sold separately.

A standard file folder

Use a standard file folder to contain your scraps.  Add a file folder to each section of your paper storage system.  File folders work best when used with Paper Storage Boxes.  Don’t worry about longer scraps sticking out the back of the file folder – they’ll still fit nicely in your Paper Storage Box.

One tip: for maximum visibility, stack your scraps smallest to largest in the file folder.

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5 Responses to 4 Scrap Storage Options

  1. I am still struggling trying to find something that will store my papers. I think I have enough to paper the entire world or oh yay the used to be a closer and thrown in the closet

    • It’s time to commit! Choose a system and stick with it through the end of the process. Once your paper is organized you’ll use it more. Go vertical if you can!! Also, you may need to set some limits in your brain; “I’m only going to keep as much paper as will fit in _________ (amount of space).” Have you watched the purge video or read the purge post? If purging is something you need to do, choose a charity that you have an emotional connection to and plan to donate your purge to them. It’s much easier to purge when you know it will benefit others. T.

  2. I LOVE the Scrap Manager! It enables me to keep my scraps right next to all my rainbow papers in my rolling paper cart (LOVE it, too!) and I have used my scraps so much more since getting the Scrap Managers. It’s so wonderful to have everything organized!

    • We’re expecting it to arrive late next week. Did you put your email on the waitlist? If so, you’ll get an email as soon as it goes live on the website. Tif

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