Button, button – where’s that button.

Organize sewing buttons with Totally-Tiffany

If you’re like most crafters who sew, you know you’ve got the perfect button…somewhere.  If finding that button in an aisle at JoAnn is faster than finding it in your sewing supplies, then it’s time to organize your buttons.

One nice thing about this project is that the sorting process is fairly objective, so recruiting someone to help could be easy.

Button sorting is fairly simple, – buttons are most likely going to be sorted by color and size.  If you have novelty buttons, those should be sorted by theme or holiday.

I wouldn’t recommend sorting buttons by projects. Unless you have a solid process for organizing all of your sewing supplies/materials by project.

Step 1 – Start Sorting

How to organize buttons, sewing organization

Sort buttons by color first and then by size.  If you’re working on a sewing project, there is a definite number of buttons you’ll need to complete the project.  Sorting by size will make it fast and easy to know if you’ve got what you need.

The Button Organizer Set includes button bags, bag insert cards, and divider cards.

When used with the Dawn Buddy Bag, these 3 components work together to create an easy to use button file.

Step 2 – Fill the button bags and add insert cards

Using the white cards in each of the button bags will help to keep the button bags standing up.  You can also label the cards for easy reference.

How to organize sewing buttons, Button organizer from Totally-Tiffany

Step 3 – Label divider cards on both sides

When you’re finished putting your sorted buttons into the button bags, use the divider cards to create dividers for each color, holiday or theme of button. The divider cards can be labeled on both sides.

How to organize buttons, sew organized Totally-Tiffany

Step 4 – Create your button file.

Add your filled button bags to the Dawn Buddy Bag, insert your labeled divider cards and voila! Your button organization task is done.

Once you are done organizing your buttons, tuck the remaining bags and cards into the side of your Dawn Buddy Bag. By doing this, they will be easy to find when you need to add more buttons to your button file.

Organize sewing buttons with Dawn Buddy Bag, Totally-Tiffany

Thanks for stopping by today for this quick lesson in button organization.  I hope you love our new Button Organizer set.

Happy Craftig,

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Organize buttons, sewing room organization with Totally-tiffany

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    • These button bags are really great for all small items. Are you a beader? This would be a great system for beads and findings. Are you a scrapbooker or card maker? These pockets would work beautifully for bling collections, or any small embellishments you wish to keep stored and portable in a Buddy Bag. Small dies, dried flowers, ephemera sorted by theme – there’s a ton of possibilities! Let us know what you come up with!

  1. Stephanie Barnard’s twine comes on cardboard. Will the dawn bag work to keep them together or would I be better off getting another Teresa bag?

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