Stamp & Supply Stadium – Let me tell you all about it!

What little things do you have rolling around the bottom of your craft tote, or buried in a drawer?  There’s a good chance they’ll find a perfect home in our 6 Level Stamp & Supply Stadium (S&SS)

The S&SS gives you 6 stadium type levels and makes your stamps or other supplies visible and accessible.

The Stamp & Supply Stadium was originally designed to organize wood mounted stamps.  If you have wood stamps, you know they can be difficult to organize – you want to be able to see them. Some crafter’s even like to use them as part of their room “decoration.”

As I mentioned above, the S&SS was design for wood stamps, but dimensionally, it can accommodate a plethora of other craft supplies.

The S&SS is 14 15/16″ wide, 9.25″ deep and 5.5″ tall at the back, .75″ tall in the front (38cm x 23.5cm x 14cm / 2cm).

Each of the stadium levels is 1.25″ deep (3cm).

What will fit in a 6 Level Stamp & Supply Stadium?

Tons of wood stamps – these vary by size.
72 Nuvo Dot Bottles
66 Memento Tear Drop Inks
72 Spools of Thread
66 Fat Glitter Glue Bottles
84 Glitter bottles
90 Baker’s Twine Spools
84 Stickles Bottles
84 Re-inkers
Lots & Lots & LOTS of Washi Tape

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!! For me, the best thing about the Stamp & Supply Stadium is how visible all of my supplies are when I’m using it.  I find it inspiring!

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little bit about our Stamp & Supply Stadium.  It’s on sale this week, you’ll save 25% when your order yours – now thru July 23, 2017.

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