How to Organize…thinking through the process with Kiwi Lane Templates

One of the biggest challenges with getting organized is actually coming up with the system for how you will organize _(fill in the blank)____.

What generally happens is we go to the store, find a box about the right size, load it up, stuff it on a shelf and forget about it.

That first step, of thinking through how, when, why and with what other things will this be used, generally gets skipped.

Recently I was talking with a Kiwi Lane rep, Susan Tapply about how to organize Kiwi Lane templates.  This conversation provided a great (and simple) example to illustrate thinking through the how, when, why and what else questions for getting organized.

How: KL Templates are generally used together.  Most people follow the project “recipes” provided by KL.

When: These templates get used regularly for both scrapbooking and card making.

Why: You can create really amazing projects quickly and easily.

What other things are used: General craft tools, scissors, inks, pencil, adhesive – all common desktop supplies.

Kiwi Lane (2)

The biggest point in talking with Susan and our own Karen Slusher (also a Kiwi Lane enthusiast), is that these are used together AND most people like to follow the project recipes provided by KL.

The project recipes call out items by size – for frames, and by template design name for borders and accents.  After I had this information, organizing Karen’s KL Templates was easy.  (See below for a list of products I used in this video.)

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T Initial

Products Used:

Spinder Binder
Fantastic Five Page
Vertical Double-X Long Page
Essential Five Page
Vertical Quad Page
Flippin’ Storage Page
Shut your Flap Tabs – Large
Shut your Flap Tabs – Small

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2 Responses to How to Organize…thinking through the process with Kiwi Lane Templates

  1. Regarding the Kiwi Lane Templates, I am just starting to buy and use these. I have the Scraprack and was wondering about the benefits of keeping the various templates in their own space separate from my subject headings like Christmas(Winter) and Halloween(Autumn). I seldom go to crops and do almost all of my papercrafting at home. However, we do go down south for months during the winter and I take tools/supplies to use at that time in my zippered carrier that holds 3 spinders. I don’t know if I will bring all of the templates yet, due to space considerations.

    Anyway, would it be good to store the templates according to the subject along with paper and embellishments or would it be good to have all of the tools stored in one separate section? Your thoughts are appreciated and the whys to each idea would be helpful as I am just starting out. Also, some templates cover more than one subject like “leaves”. But I will mostly use leaves for Autumn.

    In addition, I have been thinking about moving my flat metal dies to the subjects spinder as well so when I make my Thanksgiving cards ALL of the tools are under the Autumn subject.

    I make Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards because I was getting too busy during Christmas and my cards never got sent out. Now, 10 years on, I have never missed sending out my Thanksgiving cards and people really like them. I have sufficient time to send out over 100 handmade cards each year to family, friends, and distant relatives. Thanks.

    • Hi Cecelia –
      Love your Thanksgiving card idea. It’s a less hectic and more reflective holiday than Christmas, I’m sure people love hearing from you at that time of year. YES, put your Kiwi Lane Templates in your ScrapRack. Since they are mostly generic, I think you could just keep them all other in a few ScrapRack pages. They would be easy find, easy use and easy to take with you when you head south. As far as dies are concerned, I believe the more you can get into your ScrapRack the easier it will be to remember, see, and USE!!
      Did you see the post about putting dies on an acetate sheet to keep them flat? I did this for the Die, Stamp, & Supply Organizer, but it will work great in the ScrapRack as well. Here’s a link to the video. The tip about die storage is about 3min 40sec into the video. Tif

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