How to Organize Embellishments

Are you looking for the perfect flower to go with that lime green button? Are you sure, that somewhere in your “collection” of supplies is a pink eyelet perfect for the lace of a ballet slipper?

Searching for coordinating embellishments can eat up lots of scrapping time and lead to a huge amount of frustration. If you’re storing each thing in a small container, inside a larger box, in a big drawer… it might take you half an hour just to get to the little thing you need.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep all of your embellishments in one place, the ScrapRack and the 4-Section system is the answer. Easy to get to, easy to use, even easy to travel with.

How does it work?

This is a brilliantly simple method for keeping embellishments grouped together for maximum usability. Rather than storing your Embellishments all over your Scrapbooking area based on type (button, brad, bead, etc) store them all together by theme and color. When you’re looking for eyelets and fibers that go together, or Big Brads and Silk Flowers that will compliment each other, you only have to spend your time looking in one place.  Store together what you use together!

Before you begin, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the 4-Section System of organization.

Now you’re ready to dig in and tackle your embellishments!

4 Section System

Sort and label

First, separate everything by Theme, Season/Holiday or Color.  ALL of the embellishments you have for Camping, whether it’s a sticker, brad, button or tag; it will go in the same Camping section.  Same for everything you have that’s related to Easter/Spring. ALL of your embellishments go together based on subject matter, not type.

If it’s not Theme or Calendar-specific, it goes into the Rainbow section based on color.  Use the name “Roy G. Biv” to remember your Rainbow;
Red  Orange Yellow  Green  Blue  Indigo  Violet

You might also need to add sections for additional colors like Pink, Black/White, Brown/Neutral and Metallic – whatever you have.

Next, remove packaging from your items

They’ll take up a lot less room and the storage pages are enough to protect them. Use small ziplock type bags to store all of the little loose things like buttons, brads, beads, eyelets, glitter, etc.

Once you’ve got everything in small bags, use the Sweet Sixteen Storage Page, Trader’s Twelve Page or the Embellishment Storage Page  and place each embellishment or bag into an individual pocket, keeping the themes/colors grouped together.  (Other ScrapRack pages can also be used – whatever pocket configuration fits your embellishments best.)


Option #1: On your ScrapRack

Do you have too many Embellishments for even the beautiful, roomy   Once your sorted Embellishments are in storage pages and on Spinders, they’re ready to go right into your ScrapRack.  The ScrapRack gives you the most visibility and flexibility for storing and using all of your supplies.  Imagine being able to end your digging and searching for all those things you know you have “somewhere”.  With the ScrapRack system, you can just flip and find everything you own within 30 seconds or less.  Really.

Easy Embellishment organization with The ScrapRack

Option #2: In your Craft Binder

Your Embellishment storage can be neat and tidy in a ScrapRack Craft Binder. Load your filled ScrapRack Storage pages onto the 3 ring Spinders. Keep them sorted by Themes, Seasons/Holidays and Rainbow items using a Divider to label and separate sections. Put up to 3 filled Spinders in your Craft Binder and zip it shut. If you’re working at home, it’s easy to open up the Craft Binder and flip to what you need. If you’re taking the Craft Binder with you, just add your favorite tools, adhesives, and pens to the inside storage pockets and off you go!

How to organize scrapbooking supplies, with Totally-Tiffany.