Organized Ornaments – A wonderful holiday tradition

  Each year I purchase an ornament for each of my boys.  Sometimes they relate to a hobby or sport they are participating in – A glass football for Max, a pair of running shoes for London. Sometimes they are a reminder of a specific event throughout the year – London’s first flying lesson, Max’s broken arm. Sometimes they are just silly ornaments that I think the boys will like.
  Each year as we are unpacking the ornaments and placing them on the tree I think to myself, I need to document these ornaments so I’ll remember who they belong to when it comes time to box them up and pass them along. 
 Last year, I even grabbed my camera and photographed all of them.  Like all fabulous intentions during the holiday season, this project ended up on the back burner, and the pictures filed away in that great digital storage device in the sky – “the cloud.”
  This year though, I’ve found the perfect tool to make this task an EASY to do activity. You know what I always say, if it’s EASY you’ll do it.  Well, I have EVERY confidence that this year I’ll get it done! 
  I’m going to use the “OFlip” mini-album.  This cool little album, which is available on our website, is a simple post bound 4×6 album with a clear cover.  Why is it so easy?  Because the 4×6 photographs are the PAGES of the album.

The simple idea behind this easy to use album is that you use the self-adhesive tabs, stick the picture to the tab, and put the tab on the post.  Then if you’re feeling really creative you can use some stickers or other embellishments directly on the photo.  You can add a journaling sticker to the back of the photo if you want, or you can just write on the back of the photo.  SIMPLE!
I can create 3 albums, one for me, one for London and one for Max in just a few minutes!! I love it.

This is what the tab looks like when it’s stuck on the back of the picture. 
Finally, I’m going to tie a ribbon from post to post which will allow me to, you guessed it, hang my album on the tree like an Ornament!!! Hooray! Now I’m off to find the ornament photos I took last year and have them printed.  I’ll put up a photo of my finished project when I get it done.

Here’s an example of an easy to create page for my album. 
Let me know what you think about creating an album/ornament for all of your family ornaments.
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