Organizing embellishments and stickers with 5×7 pockets

Organize embellishments, christmas Totally-Tiffany, SP5Pk 5x7 pocket

You know I’m a big advocate of keeping your supplies together according to the 4 Section System.  You also know my favorite way to do this is using a ScrapRack.  But I know, the ScrapRack isn’t ideal for every crafter’s lifestyle.  If you’re a crafter, particularly if you’re a card maker, and generally work in smaller dimensions – 4×6 or 5×7 instead of 12×12, our 5×7 pockets, Fab Files and Buddy Bags are a perfect solution for your craft supply storage.

How to organize embellishments, totally-tiffany pockets

The majority of embellishments, tags, labels, sticker sheets, and dimensional stickers are manufactured in sizes that will fit very comfortably into our 5×7 tabbed divider pockets (these pockets are actually 5.25″x 7.25″).

Once you’ve sorted your supplies by theme, holiday, or color store them in the pockets and then choose either the 5×7 Fab File or the Karen Buddy Bag.  The Fab File is a little easier to travel with, the Karen Buddy Bag has a lid that folds all the way back for easy access.

Organize by holiday, Fab File 5x7, CMFF Totally-Tiffany SP5PK Organizing embellishments & stickers, SNGBAG13, SP5PK, Totally-Tiffany

You can easily apply this same organization strategy to embellishments by color.

Organize flower embellishments, Totally-Tiffany Organize bling embellishments with Totally-Tiffany

Just for fun – and because you know I’m a washi tape junkie…decorate and label your Fab Files using your supplies.  If you’ve got a cutting machine and you like to work with vinyl, try cutting labels from vinyl.  The vinyl will stick to both the Fab Files and our Buddy Bags.

Decorate and label fab files with washi tape Decorate and label fab files with washi tape

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I hope you’re having a crafty day!

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