Organizing your ribbon with Edna, she’s part of the EZ2Organize System

Organizing Ribbon can be a challenge.

  Ribbon is Edna’s main purpose.  When you think about storing items like Ribbon, Washi Tape, or Baker’s Twine, it’s important to think about how you use those items.  Generally, you want to have that spool or roll in your hand when you’re working with it. When you put spools onto some type of rod or dowel (as seen in the image on the above) it becomes very difficult/cumbersome to remove them for use.  Not to mention removing empty spools or trying to take particular spools to a crop or class.
Edna makes use, storage and transport easy.
Edna was designed with a focus on ease of use, simple storage and going to a crop or class.

Edna – Perfect for Ribbon Use, Storage, Transport


Top down view of  Laura Tote.

Like all of the EZ2Organize Buddy Bags, Edna is made of clear vinyl.  She is lined with a very lightweight clear plastic tray.  The pull-ribbon at the end allows you to drop her into our Laura Tote, or into any other craft tote you might be using, and then easily pull her out.  One of the challenges with taking smaller items to an event is  that they have a tendency to drop to the bottom of your crop tote – never to be seen again.  Imagine being able to reach down into your tote and pull out exactly what you need.  Likewise, storing your Edna Bags on shelf and labeling them using the 4 SECTION SYSTEM will allow you to pull them right off your shelf and bring the to your work space.  I suggest labeling your Edna bags at the end so if you do have them on a shelf or in a tote you can easily know which bag to pull out for use.

You can learn more about the Edna Buddy Bag and all of the EZ2Organize bags by visiting the EZ2Organize page on our website – Click Here.
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