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These are all filled with wonderful layout ideas for not only scrapbooking, but cardmaking, gifts, home decor projects and more. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have the perfect idea stashed away in a magazine but then not being able to find it. Idea organization can be very simple if you just provide yourself with a good system.
Let’s talk about Magazine Ideas first.
Scrapbooking magazines are expensive. For some of us the idea of tearing up something we’ve just paid $6-$8 for is a little more than we can stomach. However, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you to do. No matter how organized you believe you are with your 25 sticky notes sticking out the side of your magazines, you just can’t simplify your system with out removing the pages/ideas from your publications and reorganizing them into a better system.
One of the things that works absolutely the best with magazine layout ideas is filing them right in with the scrapbooking materials they will be used with. For those of you lucky enough to be using a ScrapRack, this process is really simple. Just remove the idea from the magazine, flip to the correct section of your ScrapRack and file the idea with your scrapbook products. I’ve included an example below. You can see in the lower right hand corner of this ScrapRack storage page, there’s a folded layout for a Baseball themed page.

Now, when I go to work on a Baseball page, I’ll see the layout idea, and I’ll also see the products I have available to complete the page. The other nice thing about filing your ideas right with your products, is that when you go to the Scrapbook store to buy additional products, you can just take the Baseball Section off your ScrapRack, Velcro it into your TravelPack and when you get to the store you’ll have all of your products and your design idea so you’ll be able to buy the things you need without having to guess what you have at home.
Another easy way to manage your magazine layout ideas is to start a notebook, much like the notebook you may have in your kitchen for recipes and other household information. Fill the notebook with dividers and 8.5 x 11 page protectors. Label the dividers to correspond with the categories in your 4 Section System of Supply organization. Now, as you pull ideas out of your magazines, you can slip them right into page protectors in your notebook. You can take the notebook with you to crops or just keep it at home for easy reference.

What about ideas you see on the internet?
This is what “Scrap-Lifting” is all about. Start a file on your computer for ideas. Inside that file, put other files labeled for each of the categories in your 4 Section Organization System (read about the 4 Section System – click here, Watch a brief video about it – click here)
When you come across a design idea on the internet, click to enlarge the image if possible, then copy and paste it into the appropriate folder in your computer. when you need ideas for that particular theme, you can open the file folder and browse by design subject. When you find the one you want to use, you either keep it open on your computer (if you’re working at home) or you can print it out and take it with you to the crop.
What if you know exactly which pictures you want to use with that particular
layout idea?

If the idea is in a magazine you can always just pull it out and put it with the pictures. If the image is online, and you’re not ready to print the pictures yet, just copy and paste the image of the layout idea right into the file folder where you have your pictures stored. If you want to be able to get back to that image on it’s original website, you can either Hyperlink it to the picture, or just copy and paste the URL into the “tag” box on the picture. (If you have questions about either of these procedures email me or comment on this blog and I’ll get back to you with details and “how-to”s.) In either case, you’ll have the layout idea right with the pictures, exactly where you need it.

5 Responses to Organizing your Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

  1. Wow! That was fast, Tiffany. LOL

    I felt like whatever you suggested it would involve cutting up my magazines. LOL It's about the only way to organize them. I love the idea of filing the layout examples or idea right in the folder with the supplies for that theme so I think I will run with that system.

    I am learning to throw out a lot of mail before it gets laid down on our counter. I used to save catalogs "just in case" and never look at them again until I had to declutter. Now, I pitch most of them. If I need to order I can usually go online or a new catalog will be along in a week or so.

    My mother taped her recipes in a stenographer's notebook so she could make notes regarding the recipes such as if it was good or any changes she made to the recipe or cooking time. I love the ones where she figured out how to cook the recipe for 100 or more people. She was in charge of the funeral dinners at her church for over 20 years. Thank goodness I don't have to cook for that many..LOL…but, I am so happy I have her notebook.

    Thanks for all the great ideas again.

    Big Hugs!

  2. I use Microsoft One Note on my laptop and have a "notebook" that's just for scrapping! In it I have sections for project ideas, Cricut-related tips, the Sure Cuts A Lot program, etc., etc. Now when someone posts an explanation or a project idea on a blog, I can copy and paste it right to my notebook and not have to go searching all over the internet to try to find it again. Hope this helps someone else!

  3. Growing up I remember my mothers magazines neatly stored and how much I loved going through them and looking at coupons that expired 25 years ago. I can't imagine cutting up a magazine but your ideas are great. I take a copy of the page and file that away and leave the mag. intact. But, b/w my husband's photograpy magazines and my craft/scrap mags we are overflowing in magazines.
    Love all your ideas.

  4. Patricia, I loved your idea about keeping things on the computer in a special file. As far as cutting up magazines, sorry, it is the only way to go. I had collected about 300 of the Creating Keepsakes, Card Magazines, Somersets etc and I was overwhelmed with storing all of them. I loved looking through them but it was a whole day to find anything. So, I made the BIG decision to cut them up and file each page under it's theme. Everyday, Sports, Birthday, etc. You get the picture. It has helped me so much. I can now get more magazines because I have space and when I need a little help with a theme, kazam, I just go and get my binder with that theme. Thank you Tiffany for all your great ideas, I am so glad I found this site.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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