Organizing your washi tape with Shelly

Shelly was born for washi tape. If you’re a “gottalittle” crafter you may find that 1 Shelly bag will be perfect to contain all of your washi, but if you’ve got a washi addiction like I do, you’ll need 3,4,5…

Organizing your washi tape is no different than organizing other craft supplies.  Follow the same steps, gather, sort, store, label – Voila! You’re done.

Step 1 – Round up your washi

Step 1 always seems to be the same when we’re going through the organization process.

Gather up as much of your washi tape as you can find.

Step 2 – Get your organizing tools – Shelly Buddy Bags

I’ve got 3 Shelly bags to tackle this pile.  There are around 50 rolls of washi in my pile.  A couple of them are pretty wide.  The interior of the Shelly bag is about 10.5″ or 27cm long, so she’ll hold about twenty,  1/2″ rolls.

Step 3 sort

Step 3 – Sort by Theme/Sentiment, Holidays/Calendar, and Color.

This is only a small portion of my washi collection.  As you probably have already guessed I’m partial to turquoise, so I’ve got a full Shelly bag of just that color.

Step 4 – load your Shelly bags

It’s fast and easy to load your Shelly Bags once your washi tape has been sorted into the 4 Section System (we did only use 3 sections this time).
As you filling your holiday bag you can easily put washi tapes in calendar order.
Colors can be arranged from light to dark and themes/sentiments can simply be organized alphabetically.

Step 4 load your bags

Step 6 – Label and Store

Organize washi step 6
Step 6, organize washi tape store
Organized washi tape

Thanks so much for stopping by today to see how I used our Shelly Buddy Bags to organize some of my washi tape.  I will admit that I have a problem with washi.

I hope you’ll pop back by throughout the week to see all of the other ways I’m using the Shelly Buddy Bag to get, and stay, organized.

Please do share this post with your crafty pals.  I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to post them below.

8 Responses to Organizing your washi tape with Shelly

  1. Oh Tiffany, if that is all the washi tape you have and you think you have a problem, then what do I have-lol? My “collection” is getting close to 300 right now & I still keep looking. I have filled my 5-Drawer Stash & Store and need to find another one soon. AND, I never even thought to use the 4 section system for this so thanks so much for reminder.

    • Hi Debbi –
      I have a little more than what you see, but I think I could fit it all into 1 SNS – but I LOVE IT!!!
      Thanks for visiting the blog. Glad you found the reminder useful! T.

  2. I created a mini inking kit in my Shelly bag, It holds my favorite colored mini ink pads & sponges so I can just grab it & go when scrapbooking away from home.

  3. I plan to use mine to hold my foil rolls, I have all the icraft deco foil, and a ton of the couture creations foil for my go press and foil machine it irks me that I can’t use the deco foil in my gp&f, or the couture creations in my laminator, but alas, no one asked me!

    • Hi Kim –
      The easiest way is to just add it your catalog. If you’re not using a catalog, just put a small piece of it on a piece of cardstock and slip it into a pocket in each section where it belongs – i.e., if you have travel washi put it in travel, if the dominant color is red, put it in your red section – does that make sense?

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