Over the Door Storage – 3 things you want to know about our COPS system

Over-the-door storage options have been available for years.  There’s nothing new with the idea, but our COPS – Clearly Organized Pocket System is a unique over-the-door storage system in 3 ways.

1 Small individual panels

With most over-the-door storage, the storage panel is one long panel with no options for length.

Our system is designed in small panels, 16.25″ tall x 18″ wide.  These smaller panels can be combined to form the perfect over-the-door storage for your crafts supplies. Choose 1 color, or mix and match colors.

The height of your door will dictate the number of panels you can use.  You will usually be able to combine 3, 4, or 5 panels on most doors.

2 Two ways to hang panels

While most (probably all) other types of  over-the-door storage can only be used with “over-the-door” hooks (pictured left), our panels can also be hung individually on a regular hanger. This means that you also have the option to store the panels in a closet. This works very well for lighter weight supplies, like punchboards and flowers.

If you’d like to hang multiple panels in the closet, connect 2 panels back to back using the top grommets and our hook and loop connectors.  Then slide a very sturdy hanger between the two panels, avoiding the hanger pocket.  This will help your panels to hang straight.  Panels can get heavy, so be sure your closet rod can support the weight.  This is not a big concern for things like flower embellishments, but punches can get heavy quickly.

3 Completely Customizable

As I mentioned above, traditional OTD storage is one panel in one length, but they are also limited in pocket configuration.  If the pockets are too large or too small, too many or too few, there’s really nothing that can be changed.

With our COPS panels, you can choose exactly what you need to store your supplies.  Use all 20 pocket panels (small pockets for glitter glues, etc), all 9 pocket panels, (a variety of pocket sizes) or all 4 pocket panels (great for larger items) – or mix and match them any way you like.

There are countless types of craft supplies and other things that can be organized in our COPS panels.  Here are a few other blog posts that will show each of the panel designs loaded with a variety of items.

6 ways to use the 4 pocket organizer.
How many ways can you use the 9 pocket over the door organizer?
20 Pocket Organizer holds everything from stamps to glitter glue.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a bit about how our over-the-door storage system is unique. If you have more questions about individual panels, you can learn more here.

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2 Responses to Over the Door Storage – 3 things you want to know about our COPS system

  1. Hi Totally Tiffany team,
    I am late to the organize craft room game, just moved few month ago, finally settle in to unpack crafty stuff. I saw this over door organizers from the bldg but the product is not available online anymore or anywhere. I am just wondering will this item coming back? I have small space now, am trying to utilize very possible inch i can to organize my craft room including over doors. Would you let me know if any possibility to purchase these? any configuration or any color would be fine. TIA

    • Hi there – the COPS System for over-the-door organization was discontinued and we sold out all we had some time ago. Sorry. If we find any panels hiding in a corner as we do our warehouse cleaning, I’ll be sure to get in touch.

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