Paper Organization – Challenge #2

Today in the Get Organized Challenge broadcast we talked about Paper Storage and Organization. You may already know that I recommend the 4 Section System for general organization. With paper you only need to use 3 of the sections – Themes/Sentiments, Calendar Year and The Rainbow.  
Sorting and organizing your paper is easier than it sounds.  You just need a good system (the 4 Section System), Paper Storage Boxes and Dividers, a “purge box” and a couple of simple rules to follow:

  1. Keep things together you would use together.
  2. Combine and Conquer – size doesn’t matter.
  3. Don’t over think it.

You should include all of your paper in the category where it belongs – Glitter, Vellum, Cork… whatever it is, put it with the correct theme, calendar month or color.
 If you plan on keeping scraps, set a minimum scrap size – I recommend 12″x 6″ – toss, give away or recycle anything that doesn’t meet your minimum.  
Do you have “pictureless” layouts that you created at a crop, class or some other event?  Put those layouts into the correct section of your 4 Section System so you remember that you have them.

You’ll have your stacks of paper sorted into your storage boxes in no time.  Add those boxes to your shelving system and you’re ready to craft.  You’ll be thrilled with how much you can get done when everything is at your finger tips.  Want to learn more about Paper Organization?  Watch today’s Get Organized Challenge on our website, – Click here for access.

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    • There are sooo many crafters who take it with them. Most strap it under a seatbelt in their back seat. It’s an efficient way to take all of your basic supplies with you without having to pack and unpack them.

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