Paper Organizing – Step by Step, the Get Organized Challenge way

If you’re following along with the Get Organized Challenge, you know this week’s challenge is Paper Sorting.  As you may also know, I’ve stripped my studio and I’m working through the challenge step by step.
This post details the steps with photos and even a time-lapse type video.  I hope it helps you get inspired to sort and organize your paper!
It’s easier when you’re organized! 


Things I used:

Get Started My first step was to gather all of my paper together.  I made one large pile of paper – just over 11” tall.
I also rounded up the majority of my scraps in a separate box.

Organize 12x12 Scrapbooking paper,

Step Two

I labeled my Paper Storage Box Dividers using the small Shut Your Flap Tabs. I created labels for categories, seasons and colors.

Organize paper with paper storage box dividers from Totally-Tiffany, A06

Step Three

I set up 5 Paper Storage boxes on my desk and spread the labeled dividers out between the 5 boxes.  This is not the best idea.  Without the boxes having paper between the dividers, the dividers don’t stand up tall enough.  I would recommend you start with just 2 boxes, once they start to fill up, split the paper and dividers into 3 boxes, then 4 boxes, etc.

Paper Storage Boxes with labeled dividers from Totally-Tiffany

Step Four Sort your pile.
I also used the small Shut Your Flap tabs and the large Shut Your Flap tabs to subdivide categories between the plastic dividers.  I used the large tabs for major categories, like Halloween, behind the Fall divider.  I used the small SYF tabs to separate “collections” of paper, like Eerie, and Candy Corn, both are Halloween collections.
Shut Your Flap tabs used to sub-divide categories
I used our Shut Your Flap Tabs to help sub-divide categories.
Step Five Finalize your Divider labels.
Once I got everything sorted and I was ready to commit to labeling my Dividers, I broke out my label maker and got busy. 
Tabs labeled with label maker
I used my label maker to label my tabs after I was finished sorting.
Step Six

Sort your scraps.  I sorted my scraps into color piles.  My next step will be to put them into my ScrapRack, in the rainbow section.

Organize and store scraps with Totally-Tiffany ScrapMaster

Step Seven

Put your Paper Storage Boxes into your “organized only” space and START CRAFTING!!!!

Paper sorted, Fall categories divided
Paper is stored vertically for easy access.

Last Note

I did put my boxes up on the shelf, but I’m going to add the small categories of paper right into my ScrapRack – like St. Pat’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.  If a category has less than 12-15 sheets of paper it’s easier to keep those papers right in your ScrapRack.  Stay tuned for that post.

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10 Responses to Paper Organizing – Step by Step, the Get Organized Challenge way

  1. Sure wish I could “speed sort” like you did! LOL Thanks for taking the time to do this. Enjoyed the video and the time you showed it taking. Also like what you said about don’t take too much time overthinking where something should go. Put it where you brain first says it will look for it.

  2. Great video for us visual people. Hope to see adding paper to scraprack. I must be doing something wrong because really messed up my scraprack, and took papers back out.

  3. Very helpful video showing the process from start to finish. My paper is all sorted into your various paper holders, but I do need to tweak it. Love the new blog setup. It’s very easy to navigate and looks so clean and fresh.

  4. Love watching you. Since im a cardmaker, I still cant get myself to put all my card stacks in with my 12 x12 but everything else is done. Thanks

  5. I have taken the challenge the last three times. Progress is the key. Watching you proved that I tend to over think in the sorting process. Thank you for taking the time to video the physical process.

    • Leslie –
      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I’m glad you were able to take something from it. I’m learning a lot re-organizing along with all of you. Hopefully this experience will help me be a better teacher. I’m going to try and do each process on video throughout the challenge. Stay focused. Thanks for participating in the challenge. Tif

  6. This is a great step-by-step process on sorting paper. You only had about 11″ of paper….it is overwhelming for me to think about sorting over 4 feet of 12×12 designer paper (that’s not counting my solids).

  7. Oops! I read all the drop-down steps but forgot to watch the video! Just finished the video. Do you sell the glove you wore while sorting the papers? I’ve found that after handling a lot of paper my fingers are very sore and dried out. I think a glove like that would help.

    • Sandra –
      No, we don’t sell the gloves, but the brand is “Grabaroo.” I think they sell them in sewing stores, and probably AMAZON. Thanks for watching!!

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