Part 2: How to Plan, Pack and Scrapbook on Vacation

In the first post, I set myself up with a calendar of the trip, I decided how many pages I would do for each “event” and finally, I made a diagram of the project using “sticky notes”.

On to Step Two: Product Planning and Shopping
I created a video for this step, so if you prefer to watch the video, please feel free. Click here to watch now.
My goal is to get as much of this project done while we’re on vacation as possible, that means I really need to be prepared with the products I might use.
At a recent scrapbook show I purchased  a few things that I though migh work well for this trip.

I had a Page Planner Page with me so I was able to keep all the things together as I purchased them.

Back in  my Studio, I was able to combine the products I had purchased, with the items I found in my ScrapRack.  Then I was able to sort the items by page layout.  Using the Sticky Notes to create the project diagram was really helpful. (See the first post in the series or view the full article on our website – click here.)

To view images in a larger format click on any image.
I used the “sticky notes” for the project diagram to match up the products I had either recently purchased or that I had in my ScrapRack to give me a good idea where each of the products might end up within the project.


These are the items I pulled from my ScrapRack.  It was easy to flip through the sections looking for main topics that might be appropriate; Travel, Camping, Outdoors, erc.


A possibly perfect diecut for the title page.


Several choices for our day out on the ATV.


Canyoneering and Rock Climbing


Rafting day – Shop, Shop, Shop


Hiking is a family favorite, I know I need more for these pages.


Getting there and getting home, travel goodies should be easy to find at the Pennsylvania CK Convention.


We love to mountain bike, I was surprised that I didn’t have much stashed for this topic.


The Grid List!
Creating the Shopping Grid List was the goal for this step in the process.  Once I had pulled all the items from my ScrapRack and laid them out with the “sticky notes”  I was able to create a Gird of the project.  I made a note about the items that I already had for each of the blocks (pages) on the grid.  When I’m shopping over the next few days, I’ll be able to fill in the grid as I buy things for each page.
I’ll carry some extra small sticky notes with me when I shop so I can tag each item as I buy it.  I’ll also make a note on the grid, but should the items and the list get separated, It will still be easy to combine things in the studio when I get home.



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