Picking perfect paper storage

Paper can be challenging to sort, organize and store. One thing that will really help is choosing the right paper storage solutions for the way you craft.

12x12 paper organized with Totally-Tiffany - PSB Dividers in Paper Storage Boxes

Classic Paper Storage Boxes

If you always craft at home, and you don’t need/want to move your paper around, try our classic Paper Junkie, Paper Storage Boxes with a set of (or a couple of sets of) our Paper Storage Box Dividers. (Both of these items can also be purchased at Hobby Lobby.)

These boxes will fit in most “cube” style craftroom shelves. They’re our most economical option. They come in sets of 5. Each box is 3.5” wide and will hold up to 500 sheets of paper or cardstock. This will vary based on the thickness of the paper/cardstock.

The Paper Storage Box Dividers are sold in packs of 10, 2 sets of 5 dividers. These are designed to protrude over the edge of the Paper Storage Boxes and can easily be labeled with one of our small Shut Your Flap Tabs, your label maker, or even with a permanent marker.

Paper Handlers

If you craft at home, but not always in the same place, consider our Paper Handlers. Paper Handlers come in 3 sizes (12×12, 8.5×11/A4 & 6×6). As their name suggests, they have pull up “handles.” This makes it easy to pull them off the shelf or out of the closet and bring them to your workspace. The handles also make it easy to drop them into your crop tote if you’re heading off for a crafting evening/weekend. Paper Handlers are 2.5” wide – they’ll hold about 350 sheets of paper or cardstock, as I mentioned above, this will vary based on the thickness of the paper/cardstock.

Organize Paper for scrapbooking, card making with Paper Handlers by Totally-Tiffany

Our Paper Storage Box Dividers can also be used with the 12×12 Paper Handler.

All 3 sizes of Paper Handlers can be purchased with Tabbed Divider Pockets.

There are a few other divider options as well – learn more about Dividers, Pockets and Tabs.

Fab Files

If you need to move your paper around – maybe you only craft away from home, or you craft at the kitchen table, but your supplies are stored in a closet or the garage, – if this sounds like you, then Fab Files might be the perfect solution. Fab Files come in 4 *paper (6×6, 8×8, A4/8.5×11& 12×12) sizes. All of them have locking lids. The lids will keep them dust free and secure.

Perfect paper storage, Totally-Tiffany Fab Files

The width of these boxes vary so they each hold a different quantity of paper/cardstock. Each of these 4 sizes include a set of 5 tabbed divider pockets. These are ideal for organizing your paper by theme, event or color. The pockets are great place to store scraps. Additional sets of Tabbed Divider Pockets can be purchased separately.

Organize paper for crafting with Fab Files from Totally-Tiffany.

The ScrapRack

If you’re using a ScrapRack, or considering moving into a ScrapRack, you can easily integrate paper, especially theme or holiday paper directly into your ScrapRack. The SuperSized Single storage page will hold up to 10 sheets of paper or cardstock, as will the slightly more sturdy Sideloader Single Storage page. I keep small categories of paper in my ScrapRack – St. Pat’s Day, Handyman, Toothfairy…- and major categories – Travel, Disney, Christmas… in Paper Handlers. I define small, as a category that includes less than 30 sheets of paper – what will fit in 3 Supersized Single Pages or 3 Sideloader Single Pages.

If you’ve followed me for long, you’ve probably heard me say, “surround yourself with your supplies.” My workspace is set up in a “U” shape, so I can spin around in my chair and put my hands on about 90% of what I need. One way this is possible – I put everything I possibly can on wheels. Paper is no exception. My Paper Cart has big, beefy casters to handle the weight of up 10 paper boxes. It’s easy to pull right up next to my chair.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope the information in this post helped to answer some of your questions about choosing the right paper storage for how you craft. If you have more questions, please feel free to email (CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com) or leave a comment/question below.

10 Responses to Picking perfect paper storage

  1. I purchased two of your paper cart I use the paper handlers and the older cardboard storage boxes.

    I took out those divider bars on the top, Replaced with the nylon ties. Now I have a clear space for filing. Then I purchased a basket that fits perfectly. That basket holds 12×12 plastic envelopes. Each is labeled with a color. All my scraps in that color go in that envelope. so when I need a green scrap I pull the envelope and I have several color choices in that envelope to choose from.
    Has worked really well for me and it leaves space in my scrap rack for other things.Would you like a picture?
    Gail Briggs gail_briggs@comcast.net

  2. So is this paper cart still available & what are the dimensions? I see you have one today on HSN but it looks like the sides are taller. I’d prefer this one with the shorter sides to fit under my worksurface, if available.

    • Hi Judy, the Paper Cart shown above is no longer available. Our new Paper Cart will not slide under your average craft desk. However, in case your craft desk is different, below are the dimensions of our new Paper Cart.

      With Cart Top: 32.5”T x 16.5”D x 25.5”W (82.5x43x65cm)
      Without Cart Top: 32”T x 16.5”D x 18.5”W (81.5x42x47.5cm)
      Shelves: 16.25”W x 12”D X13.5”H (40x30x35cm)

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