Plan to be organized (part 2)

Using a planner is a great way to keep yourself organized.  Combining crafting and planning was a natural fit for me.  I get as much joy out of decorating my planner as I do out of checking things off.  This is the second part of Plan to be organized – if you missed the first one, you can read it here.

plan to be organized part 2 with Tiffany Spaulding

6 – Reminder Cards / Notes / Lists

These are simple cardstock inserts that I make myself, I use it until I’m tired of it or feel inspired to create something new.

This is where I put sticky notes or shopping lists, receipts to turn in at the office, attach coupons or event tickets.

Generally, the things that are on the Reminder Insert are things that will be removed from my planner quickly.

Some of the Reminder Inserts I’ve made have a pocket on the front or back.

Totally-Tiffany Planner Reminder card Planner organization with expert Tiffany Spaulding

7 – Daily Preview

The first task on my list of tasks each day is the Daily Preview. (See TOD list from Plan to be organized part 1.)

I look at my planner, my perpetual to-do list and my Reminder Insert, then prioritize what needs to happen and when.

This is when I would decide to use/ not use an “hours” of the day page.  I don’t have a lot of “appointment” type things in my schedule so it isn’t necessary for me to use this type of page on a daily basis.

My daily Preview is usually creating a smaller, more focused version of the Perpetual To-Do list which you saw in the first Plan to be organized post. I add those tasks to my planner under the TOD.

This is also the point where I move sticky notes from the side column onto the day I plan to complete the task on the note.

Preview the day and set up your plan

8 – Daily Review

The last task of my workday is the daily review.  This is when I go through my planner and to-do list and check off everything that has been done, add new items where they need to go, move existing items and remove things that have dropped off my list.

5 o'clock


At the very bottom of my planner each day is my WDYDT reminder.  This is part of my goal setting program.  Sometimes I can complete this task before I go home and sometimes I take the task home with me.  It ALWAYS gets done before I go to sleep.

WDYDT – stands for; What Did You Do Today, to move yourself closer to your goals?  Checking off this box is especially satisfying.  Regardless of the hurdles, I’ve had to leap throughout the day, or the setbacks I’ve experienced, I always try to do some task, tiny or humongous that has a direct effect on my current goals. If you’re a goal setter or would like to be, I strongly recommend this system.   You can read a little more about it here.

10 – #IWriteInColor

Do I need to say any more?  One of the things that keeps me opening my planner and checking my list is the fact that it’s pretty and fun.  If you’re struggling with using your planner, go out and buy yourself a new set of gel pens or fine line markers and start writing in beautiful colors in your planner.  You’ll be more inspired than ever to get organized.

#IWriteInColor - planner Tiffany Spaulding

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you missed the first part of this post – you can read it here.

Happy Planning!

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