Where can you put your ScrapRack?

Where can’t you put your ScrapRack is probably a better question. Because The ScrapRack is component driven it can be configured to fit into any number of places.

On a Totally-Tiffany Paper Cart

Not only is the Totally-Tiffany paper cart the perfect solution for organizing paper of any size, but when you clip the top to the cart, you create the perfect portable surface for your ScrapRack. So now you can pull it right up to your crafty work space and have access to everything you need!

On an IKEA Expedit or Kallax

Probably one of the most popular pieces of furniture in a craftroom, the IKEA Kallax or Expedit are the perfect width for a ScrapRack single or multi-base system. A single or double-base system will fit comfortably on a 4 cube shelf.

Teresa set her triple-base ScrapRack on a triple-double Jet Max cube system.

Jet Max cubes, B11, ScrapRack 2 base system

Simple shelving at a crop

Dawn set her single base ScrapRack up on a shelf at the crop

Two ways to “Rack and Roll.”

The Craft Crate

Store the components of a single base system in our Craft Crate – roll the crate to a crop or to your dining room. Set your ScrapRack up on the lid – you’ll have easy access to everything.

ScrapRack store and transport in the Craft Crate. HSN

The Trinity cart from Amazon

I use these at the office, mostly just move stuff around while I’m working on projects, but this cart is perfect for a single base ScrapRack.

ScrapRack on cart without handles.

You can also add wheels to a 5 shelf Kallax or Expedit system. This is what I use in my studio.

ScrapRack streamline set up

Limited for Space?

A single base ScrapRack can sit on a standard TV tray.

ScrapRack Craft Organizer fits on TV Tray

Build your own ScrapRack stand using wire grid shelving. I wrote a couple of blog posts about this. Read the first one, or the second.

ScrapRack on Grid Shelf

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you have pictures of your ScrapRack, we’d love to see them!!! Email them to me at CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

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