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Happy Monday! Today I combined all the products I had, with all the products I purchased at the Lancaster Creating Keepsakes convention and packed them all up.
I used out new Project Planner Pages and combined products for a couple of different events/activities in each page.
I used 2 additional Project Planner Pages to pack up the “generic” products.

A quick flip through my Rainbow Section and I was able to pull a good selection of colored products out of my ScrapRack and fill up both sides of the new Cutting Cartridge and Embellishment Storage Page.

Finally, I loaded all of my pages into a TravelPack and then filled the tool pockets with all the “must have” tools, adhesives, and other “basics” I needed to scrap as I travel.

Now, I’m off to Moab…..I’ll keep you posted as I progress!

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  1. I love it!!!! Everything in ONE bag!!! I am wondering, however, where will you put your travel bag when you are flying? If you check it, will it survive the football tosses of the baggage handlers? If you carry-on will they let you keep your tools, adhesives and other supplies? I ask these questions because I will be going to Europe in Sept to a scrapbook event and will be making as many stops/plane changes as you are, but in multiple countries. Hope your trip especially the plane travel goes well for you all.

  2. Tiffany, I'm curious where you will put your travel pack when you fly?? If you check it, will it survive the football tosses of the luggage handlers? If you carry-on, will they let you keep all your tools?

  3. I look forward to ur future posts also. I was lucky enough to get my new scraprack at Lancaster along with the travel pack. I look forward to continuing with organization as well as packing up for the next crop with new ease. Thank you for ur inspiration and a wonderful product line!

    Enjoy ur vacay.

  4. Really like the idea of using the cutting cartridge page for storing items needed when traveling and placing in storage pack. I don't have a cricut so never would have thought about using one as you did. Thanks

  5. Cilla…I've traveled both carrying on my Travel pack and packing it into a suitcase. I've never just let the geeks at the airport get their hands on it. I'm sure my stuff would be fine inside I'm just not sure it would make it to the end of the trip!

    Have Fun Tiffany, Park, London and Max!

  6. Love this post! I recently bought the travel pack and although I have only used it one time, I LOVE it!!! Love the idea of taking it with me on vacation to scrap when I have time. The one time I've had a chance to use it was at a one day crop at a friend's house and it was WAY better than hauling everything but the kitchen sink with me. Had all I needed and then some!

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