Practicing what I preach – Post 6

Well, I can’t say that I was as successful as I would have liked to have been, but I can say I did get 8 pages complete (titles will be cut and added at home, journaling will be printed and attached to the back of the layouts at home too.)  I was also able to do the basic design for another 4 pages.  It should be pretty easy to finish those up when we get back.
What I can say is that I just re-packed all of my supplies and it was REALLY easy to put everything away. 
What I would recommend if you’re planning on scrapping during vacation:
1. Rent a house or condo instead of staying in a hotel.  There are so many benefits; having a washer and dryer (I love going home with just clean clothes in my suitcase), a full kitchen is a huge plus, especially with teenage boys, they usually cost less than the same number of nights in a hotel, but from a Scrapper’s perspective it’s GREAT to have lots of extra space to Scrap.

2. Make sure you have plenty of color choices with paper.  I don’t think I took enough.

3. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get everything done.  Just being able to think about layouts as events are happening will make it easier to scrap them when you get home. I was able to the basic design work for the additional 4 pages, that means I’ll be able to finish them up pretty quickly at home.

4. Check into a one hour photo printer before you leave.  If you’re in a small town like Moab, you may not have access to printed photos.  It would be a bummer to pack all of your supplies and then not be able to Scrap while you’re there.

5. Take some empty SuperSized Singles for storing your completed pages.  I had to put the completed pages in the back pocket of the Project Planner pages.  It worked find, but it would have been more fun to put them into the SuperSingles so I could lay them out and see all of them at once.

6.  Don’t try to do too much.  If  you’re like me, you can get so caught up in what you plan to get done, that you miss out on the “relaxing” part of being on vacation.

Thanks for following along.  I’ll post more on Monday when I have a chance to actually “unpack” everything in the studio.

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  1. Well I must say I commend you on your endeavor to scrap while on vacation.
    I REALLY tried to scrap two weeks ago. I went to a campground to help my sweetie.
    He owns a production company and had a 2 stage concert going on all weekend.
    He swore to me that this place was much nicer than the last one I helped with… we were on grass and it was nice .. no dirt…. so I pulled all the spinders I would need. Separated the extension from the mother ship and packed up my supplies.. minus the cricut.. NOTHING left my car ALL weekend. What my sweetie forgot to tell me was we might have been on grass but there was a dirt road 2 ft from the front of the tour bus….there really isn't a lot of space inside.. so my 8 ft table outside under the awning is all I have. Well after spending that much $$$ on supplies ect.. I was not going to destroy it by having everything covered in dirt. (I had to use the windshield wipers to get the dry dirt off so I could see to drive)
    What I did learn.. My rolling cart needs tractor tires. Even leaving part of the SR at home it weighed a ton. It is quite possible that my rolling cart is a bit unstable because I have no cloth cover on it ?? IF I had had more time to plan I could have done up page kits but I only had 24 hrs notice that I was going… I did purchase a big plastic paper storage container because I decided my nice boxes aren't leaving the house again.. My problem is I go between Ohio and Washington DC to take care of my granddaughter every few months so I have to have portable… I fill 2 rolling totes plus my paper boxes and tools when I travel that much because I am gone for months. I used to vacation with 4 boys , one was my husband and I don't know how you did this ! I think I would digital scrapbook … much easier LOL

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