Project Organization Starts Today!

Christmas decorations are put away, kids are back in school – it’s time to tackle organizing your craft supplies!  This year we’re offering the Get Organized Challenge (starts 1-17-2012 click here for more details) and a brand new program called Project Organization.  Some of you are familiar with the Get Organized Challenge.  It’s 8 weeks of somewhat intense organization challenges.
Project Organization on the other hand is a weekly article and/or video posting that gives you one small organization task to do each week.  Project Organization lessons will post each Monday and continue throughout the year.  You can do them all,  or just “cherry pick” the lessons that most apply to you
Our first lesson – Prepare to Purge – will get you set up for success with a simple task of setting up a “Purge” box.  Important to this lesson is taking on the mental challenge of parting with some of things you’ve been hanging onto in your craft supply collection.
If you’d like to get an email each week when the lessons post, please click on the box below and join the Project Organization Email List.

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  1. HI! I know I am a little late but I just started the program..One thing that is helping me is that I made "purging" templates too…They are pices from .25 up to $5….That way, I can sort stuff I am purging for our yard sale into price categories and just price it then (great jobs for dedicated BFs that have nothing to do)….I find that I am not as apt to take it out and say…I can keep this. If it is already priced, after all, 9/10ths of the work is done…I also called my chosen charity ahead of time to make sure they accepted donations on the afternoon of the yardsale…That way, stuff only needs to leave the house once and then it is truly purged. 🙂

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