Project Planning with our 12×12 Binder and Expanding Project Planner Pages

Whether you craft at home or travel with your supplies, project planning can truly maximize your crafting time. There are several “levels” of scrapbook project planning – from just the basics (photos or mementos), to slightly more advanced (photos and mementos combined), to the full deal (photos, mementos, paper, embellishments, etc.).

You may already know that our 12×12 binder and Expanding Project Planner Pages can help you get your scrapbooking projects organized, but have you considered using them for mixed media, quilting, or even just memento storage?

Scrapbook Project Planning

My son, Max graduated in 2016. Throughout his senior year I was able to collect and store all of the mementos he brought home in a couple of Expanding Project Planners. Having a designated “place” for these made it easy to know where to put them whenever they arrived.

As his senior year came to a close and graduation events started taking place, I added another page just for grad stuff. I included a couple of graduation embellishments that I purchased from Paper Wizard in with all of the photos and mementos.

Project Planner for Scrapbooking, Expanding Project Planner, Totally-Tiffany P71

I wish I could say I’ve already scrapped his senior year, but I have not. However, when it gets to the top of my list I will be ready to get started immediately.

In the mean time, I’ve got everything stored in a binder with Max’s name on it. I’ll just need to print a few more pictures.

Mixed Media Project Storage

If you purchased all the pieces for a project, mixed media or other, you want to keep those things together.

The bulkiness of the Expanding Project Planner Page is perfect for bulky project supplies. This project includes chipboard, washi, flowers, bling and more. It’s all tucked away and ready for me to get started.

Quilting Projects

I’m not a quilter, but as many of you know my mother is. Using the Expanding Project Planner for quilt pieces was her idea. For years she’s using one of our Craft Binders and some ScrapRack pages for quilting on the road.

“The pockets on the expanding page hold a lot of pieces – it’s great for precuts, once I start putting a block together I still like to use the SuperSized Single.”

The 12×12 binder is large enough to hold a large embroidery hoop and the floss you need to accent your quilt blocks.

The 12×12 Craft Binder comes preloaded with a 3 ring Spinder section. Similar to most of our products it is slightly oversized, so accommodating 12×12 items is easy.

The binder is very lightweight and easily portable.

The Expanding Project planner pages come in sets of 5. These pages are double sided with a large pocket on the back and 3 smaller pockets on the front. Each of these has a flap closure with a locking tab.

There is an oversized 12×12 pocket in the middle – ideal for full sheets of 12×12 paper, stickers, stencils, large mementos, etc.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little about using our Expanding Project Planner pages to help organize your projects.

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