Refer a Friend to Totally-Tiffany

REfer at friend to Totally-Tiffany

Getting a referral from a current customer is a privilege.  At Totally-Tiffany we value your support and your endorsement.

If you have friends, family members, coworkers, or other associates that you feel would benefit from our classes or products, we hope you'll refer them to us.

As a Thank You for your referral we'll add 100 points to your Total Rewards account!

Invite your friends to join us by simply cutting and pasting the link below into an email and asking them to sign up.

Join the Totally-Tiffany Get Organized Group.

When we receive the completed sign up form, we'll credit your Total Rewards account. It's just that simple.

If you have questions about our referral program you can email us - or call us at 253-284-9200.

Thanks again,

The whole team at Totally-Tiffany