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Yesterday was the first day of the 2014 Resolve to Get Organized Challenge.  (If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, you can click the link above and get the details on our website.)  The first session of the GOC is always about setting yourself up for success and identifying what the Big Benefits will be.  I wanted to share one very simple Big Benefit with you from my Burn the Ship Activity (see last week’s post).
 Several months ago a very close friend of mine won an award for being a Rock Star Real Estate Agent.  As a way to celebrate I came up with a cool idea that I knew she would love.  I made a quick stop at Michael’s and with the very best intentions I purchased what I would need to execute my plan.
  In the madness that is life, (and the mess that was my studio), I ran out of time that day and the project got moved over, and moved over and moved over, then finally disappeared into the pile of well meaning supplies in my storage room.
  Half way through my “Burn the Ship” project, Voila!
 That cool idea resurfaced and along with it all the supplies I had set aside to complete it.  I used that little project as a way to motivate myself to push through the piles on my desk. 
  As soon as the organizing project was complete, I created the “Rock Star” you see here for my pal Heidi Hurst (who happens to be the best Realtor in the Puget Sound area – just in case you need one 😉 )
  This was a simple project with just a few components, but because my studio was a mess, it got lost in the shuffle.  The initial thrill I felt when buying the supplies, quickly evaporated and actually turned into a bit of stress each time the un-done project crossed my mind.
  Once my studio was back together the project only took me about 30 minutes from set-up to clean up.
  When Heidi found out that I was the one who left her the garden Rock Star it brought her to tears!  And that my dear readers is a BIG BENEFIT!

Rock Star next to Heidi’s front porch.

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  1. Yes, you are correct. They are just some pretty decorative rocks I purchased at Michael's. I also purchased a flat wooden star in their pre-cut wood section. I just hot glued the stones to the wood cut out.
    Thanks for asking!!

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