Rulers, Journaling, Self-Healing Mat – Put them in your ScrapRack

Okay Crafters –
 Are you looking for a place to store your rulers, templates, maybe a small self-healing mat?  Why not slip them into a ScrapRack Storage page? I slipped my rulers into a Four-in-a-Row page, my self-healing mat into a SuperSized Single and my journaling grids into a Mix-n-Match.  I put the pages onto a Spinder and put them all onto my ScrapRack. 
   When I pack up for a crop or class, I’ve got them in my Crop Crate with all my other supplies.  It’s just so easy.

If you’re looking for the best way to get to a Crop or Class with your supplies, the a Crop Crate from office depot with our Crop Crate Apron could be the perfect solution.  It’s a simple way to pack everything quickly and easily, with the bounce of the lid on the Crop Crate working as an additional table top. It’s perfect.

Want to learn more about the ScrapRack?  Click here to visit our Watch and Learn Page.

One Response to Rulers, Journaling, Self-Healing Mat – Put them in your ScrapRack

  1. Hi Tiffany! I actually made a section in my Scraprack for my templates awhile back! I
    keep my journaling templates (ie journaling genie), faux stitching templates, shaped templates like the scallop edge or large circular one, and even my mini album templates in this section! Super convenient! Have been doing this awhile and it works really well.

    Love the Blog. Also love that you're offering the larger packs (10 and 50) of the Super Single pages! YAY! I am attending my first-ever Crop in Sept (an MS fundraiser in NB) and page planning is a huge thing as it is the only way I will get anythng accomplished… I **THINK!** (*Grin*)
    BTW, I also keep my transparencies in a Super-Single page, in their own section, as they are pretty specialized and not necessarily something I can categorize throughout the rack.
    Have a super day!

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