I wanted to tell you how much I love my ScrapRack! When I go to crops, especially long weekend retreats, I am so productive! I see my neighbors doing the “Dig and Search” dance with the lyrics “I know I have…or I know I bought…” The ScrapRack is an invaluable organizational tool for me and I’m always recommending it as a “must have” for scrapbooking! I have friends who have purchased The ScrapRack as a result.
Thank you for inventing this great product. Most importantly, thank you for providing the step by step instructions of the organizational system that goes along with it! It’s truly awesome!
– Cecilia

Jane G.

Hello Tiffany-
I was so excited to receive my new scraprack system. It came just as you promised. Then I watched your video last night. I felt like you were in my living room here in Ohio teaching me privately. It is amazing what you can do with the system. I am a junkie with sooo much merchandise that I had also stopped scrapping because I have too much stuff. You are truly inspirational in this area. I cannot wait to get started organizing and filling my pages. Any time you need a testimonial, I’m on it. I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone and customized my order. You are an amazing woman. I cannot thank you enough.
Sincerely, Jane G.

Rita B.

Dear Scraprack,
I recently purchased your product. In fact, I bought the complete system and the wingless set too. THANK YOU!
You have taken the biggest downfall of scrapbooking and turned it into my biggest asset. This product, along with the 4 section system has re-inspired me. I have spent a lot of money, and I do mean A LOT, on organizational tools for my supplies. The problem was that it was still stacked or spread out. Boxes and binders, drawers & dividers, tiny boxes, and everything was labeled. The first thought that entered my head when I wanted to scrap or even plan a page was ” UGH! I can’t find anything. I know I had that. Where is it?” Instead of using 15 or 20 minutes here and there to work on something, I had to worry about the mess I would create and then have to clean up. I would have boxes open everywhere and be fumbling for supplies, often giving up and purchasing new ones to “save time” or avoid the search. Then whatever was left over, would return to my “organized” supply boxes and eventually be “lost” as well. This is why I had to buy the add on unit. I didn’t want to give up anything and I haven’t purchased one new product since I’ve had it. I know where everything is! I can find it all and I can SEE IT ALL!  It is so easy to clean up too. I don’t have to wonder where anything goes.

You truly are wonderful and I thank you for enabling me to get back to the basics-scrapbooking my memories, not organizing my supplies.
Sincerely, Rita B.

Marilyn B.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my scraprack for three years now. It’s so easy to find what I need. It’s also easy to compare the embellishments so I can pick the best ones for my layouts. I especially like having all my things in one place.
I would recommend The Scraprack to anyone! – Marilyn B.

Pamela D.

I love my scraprack!!!
I had every kind of organizational tool imaginable, I had the wire racks that are used at scrapbook stores, embellishment boxes, small containers, plastic drawers, ribbon containers, shoeboxes, clear 12×12 paper trays, numerous paper totes and 2 entire Creative Memories binders filled to overflowing. I came home from convention, kissed my family, and started organizing. I used Tiffany’s techniques and it took a few weeks (I have a full-time job, 2 kids, a hubby and go to school and I have tons of products!!). I categorized my stickers, embellishments and paper by theme i.e. animals, baby, sports etc. I also separated my calendar months and then my colors. It is amazing that you can ask me to find something and I can go right to it! I’m also setting goals to try and use more of what I have because I can actually see it!! It saves me money because I know what I have and I don’t buy duplicates anymore. Organizing also gave me the opportunity to get rid of things I knew I wouldn’t use or that had become dated (these went immediately to my daughter for her scrapbooking stash). I am thrilled with the product!! Thank you, Pamela D.

Liz C.

I received your Complete System a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I did was to watch the DVD. It was very informative about the details of setting it up. The presentation that was given in the class session kept my attention because I couldn’t wait to hear what she was going to explain next.
I started to organize all my items this past week-end according to the tips given on the dvd. She was right! You don’t realize how much “stuff” you have(including duplicates because you couldn’t find the first one you bought) until you start organizing. I just love the way that I can see all my supplies at a glance.  I will be going to an overnight scrapbook expo in NJ this April, and this system will certainly make my life a lot easier in terms of carrying my supplies. No more crop walk for me! Thank you so much for your product.
Regards, Liz C.

Yvonne B., PA

I absolutely LOVE my ScrapRack! It is by far the best investment I ever made in an organizer and I show it off to all my friends and family who scrap. It truly is an amazing tool and I thank you for inventing it. I make cards all the time and finding what I need is a breeze -especially when I need to make a card just minutes before leaving to the occasion I need it for! – Yvonne B., PA

Tina D.

Hello, After seeing my ScrapRack, my scrapbooking friends thought that I should send you photos because they are all thought it was a great way to store everything!
It works for me in so many ways. I have ALL of my supplies in one place. I can move it anywhere in my house because it has large industrial wheels and can be rolled with ease. It enables me to scrapbook on my dining room table or on a portable table in my bedroom or living room while watching TV or simply in my craft room . I can even store it in my closet when not in use. I plan to sew a dust cover that will have a zipper in the front to keep it dust free when it is not in use.
Tina D.


Hi Tiffany,

I tried at least 2 other methods for storing my stickers/die cuts and nothing works as great as my Scrapracks! It took some time getting organized, but now I can find anything I need instantly!
Another nice thing is that because the spinders are standard 3-hole punch, I can use any company’s sleeves – I have used ones from Scraprack, Creative Memories (these are discontinued), Crop in Style and even plain old baseball card holders and page protectors!
Have a great day!


I have the ScrapRack and the wingless addition. It took some time to get all the organizing done, but WOW, I can find whatever I need. I also put the few iron on patches for sewing in the proper category and when my Great granddaughter needed a knee patched on her jeans I just went to the flower section, got a butterfly iron on and had the project done. I love the system. I also purchased some of the side opening pages, and made one for each member of my family and file items or pictures in these as I find them. Thanks again for such a great organization tool. – Marcy

Dana W.

You sent me the CD, which I LOVE!  I am taking it with me to a scrapbook retreat this weekend to show my friends. I am also taking my scraprack, which I now have and am using. It is great and works so well for me that I want to be able to help my friends with it if it can work for them. Thanks so much! Dana W.

Gladys W.

Hi, I purchased my scrap rack a year ago.  Love it! Love it!  I use items that I had purchased over 3-4 years ago.  That’s a good thing because now, I restock with current items that will be used within six months.  I also love all the videos on your web site.  They give me a “fresh” inspiration.

Gladys W.



Had to tell you how much I love the Dream Dozen*…  Until your suggestion this weekend, I was using the Embellishment pages for heavy bulky items… the Dream dozens handles the heavy bulky items beautifully…. and shows better.

Thanks again. Kim


*  Instead of the retired “Dream Dozen”, the same results can be achieved with the Straight Eight or Trader’s Twelve pages.

Cheri J.

I have had my scraprack for a few years and LOVE it!  Whenever I go to a scrapbook convention here in Orlando, I am always getting questions about it and I tell them how it saved my life!  Now I know where everything is!

Cheri J.


Candace M.

The Questions is “not IF you need a ScrapRack, but How many”.
 I resisted the ScrapRack for almost 2 years.  My best ScrapPal had one and she kept trying to convince me to buy one. I kept thinking, “I don’t need that, I’ve got a whole room.”  So for two years I cropped with Kelly and the envy stewed and bubbled in me.  I watched her pack for crops and classes in just minutes.  I watched her get page after page done.  I watched her be able to find things in seconds that I had to dig through drawers and cupboards for and still I kept thinking,
“I wont’ use that, I like to take more stuff than she does, that’s why it takes me so long to get packed up.”
But then, she showed up with her little crate wrapped in your Apron, and she set everything up in minutes and she was scrapping before I had even finished unzipping my totes, and I finally said “ENOUGH!”  I bought my first ScrapRack and one of those great aprons to wrap around my little rolling crate. I begin sorting and organizing and finding all kinds of things I’d forgotten about, but I soon realized I need a second base  – so I ordered another one. Well needless to say, I’m back on your website today ordering my 3rd base unit. “I need it, I love it, I can’t scrap without it!” Honestly, I’m so sorry I didn’t buy this system earlier.  It would have saved me tons of time and tons of money.  I even used the Paper Storage Boxes – boy did those make finding paper easy!  So when people  ask you If they need a ScrapRack,  you should change your answer to…
“The question isn’t  IF , but HOW MANY.”  – LOL
Thanks for creating such an amazing product!
Candace M. FL

Kierstin S.


I am so excited about this.  Through my organizing process it became really clear that:

  1. I need to use my scraps or stop saving them
  2. I don’t need any more alphabets
  3. I have a lot of stickers
  4. I don’t need any more paper

I love that I can find what I need quickly.  I still have many more things to migrate into my scraprack, but getting my stickers & alphabets organized was my biggest hurdle.  I spent 3 dedicated days organizing my stuff.  Thank you for creating this!  I’ve been telling all my friends about it.

I have a few more items I need in order to complete round 1 of my process.

Kierstin S., Escondido, CA


Teresa S.

I was first introduced to your scraprack at the CKC in Nashville, TN.  I thought it was cool, probably useful but I wasn’t ready to part with $300.  I won one of your DVDs as a doorprize, so when I got home I watched and realized that had hundreds of dollars invested in my scrapbook supplies that I couldn’t find.  When hubby asked what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a scraprack and lots of pages.  It has taken me almost a month to get everything in it, but I don’t know how I ever scrapped without it.  Attached is my photo of the first pages I got to work on with my scraprack.  I only worked 2 hours, but I got 14 pages done.  I was so productive because I could find everything and I wasn’t running around my room looking for a sticker, ribbon, or a brad.

Thanks for a great product!

 Teresa S.


Cheryl, FL

The ScrapRack made it super easy to move my mountains of supplies from our home in southern Maryland to Orlando Florida in just over a month. (Five weeks after finding out we were moving we were here in Orlando!) The only things I didn’t need to go through, organize, purge, or worry about how was I going to get all of this stuff from here to there was my scrapbooking supplies. I was able to pull the ScapRack out of the box and immediately set it up on a table. Nine days after arriving here in Orlando we were hit by Hurricane Charlie – WELCOME TO FLORIDA!! All of our neighbors were cleaning up and I was able to not only take picture for our family album, but scrap them onto pages too. As my mountain of ‘stuff’ grew I added an additional wingless base unit and a bunch of spinders to my scrapbook area (I share a loft space with my two children’s computer/video/game area).

Thank you for your help and your organizational tools! I use your system now exclusively and recommend it to ALL of my scrapping friends and customers.


Cheryl, FL


Edna L.

I didn’t know how much I was missing until I FINALLY watched the organizational DVD (that I’ve had for three years)!!!!  I hope that everyone views the DVD FIRST.  While the “you-tube” videos and written material are very helpful and instructional, the DVD gave me the WHOLE picture and really focused me on how to pull it all together.  Then I went back and visited the instructional/you-tube directions for clarification or reinforcement.

I look forward to the expansion rack and for creating a more organized space. I’m very glad I kept the DVD taped to the underside of my original scraprack!!!

– Edna L.


Val M.

I ordered and received the dream dozen* pages and you’re right – they work just as well for most things.  I’ve been organizing for some time now – just because I have way too much stuff – but the investment of time has been well worth it.  I LOVE the scraprack!! I can finally see everything I have.  Wishing you continued success with your product, Val M.


* Instead of the retired “Dream Dozen”, the same results can be achieved with the Straight Eight or Trader’s Twelve pages.

Patricia (Patsy) S.


I recently purchased your system for organizing scrapbook supplies and LOVE it (!!!!), so much so that I ordered the expansion base, also.


Patricia (Patsy) S.


Anna LC

Well I do know this… I took her class at Mega Meet.. thought oh brother someone selling something else… LOL but 10 minutes into the class and I was a believer ! I bought the system and came home and hauled everything out of my scrap room and down to the living room. (no kids and I am a widow so no one to walk all over it) It took me over a week to get everything sorted. I took colored construction paper for my “rainbow” and then wrote in a sharpie (large letters) what each subject was…seasons… holidays… ect..on some neon paper I had, then I just started tossing out of each and every container. By the time I got done I had about 10 plastic containers empty and all of it was in the SR and took up one tenth of the space. Once you organize you will be shocked at just how much “space” the SR gives you. Until I turned into a paper junkie everything I had fit in the rolling cart and believe me that is saying something! LOL – Anna LC.

Carrie B

Hi Tiffany,
 Finally I was able to go on my final challenge reward on my annual girls weekend!  I bought an office depot box and loaded it up with my scraprack, base, wings and 3 spinders.  Of course everyone wanted to know about it! It was so nice to have everything together. I used so many things in the course of the weekend that I have had for years but could “see” what I had easily.    I have even gotten my sister to finally start purging her unused items and see the rewards of organizing it all.  Although it will always be a work in progress I can honestly say it has saved me SOOOO much money in the last 5 months because I can see just what I have and not have to spend more on scrap supplies.  My goal this year is to use my supplies so that my sections become more manageable.  Some are VERY full!!
 Thanks again for this great program, anxiously awaiting one for my kitchen and home office.  I will definitely sign up for it.
– Carrie B.

Heather PK

I have almost completed all 3 challenges and I am having a blast doing them. It is nice to know that everything will have a home once I am done. Since I am more than just a little OCD, most of my things were already categorized (or themed if you will) so the organizing hasn’t been bad. I am having fun purging a lot because I have accepted the fact that there are just some things I am not going to use. I received my scraprack two weeks ago and have been putting it together while completing the challenges. I was able to use it this past weekend at an all day crop event and it was extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I am still in the process of putting it together so I only took the items I needed but I was able to find everything so easily. The most amazing thing I noticed is that my piles of stuff don’t seem as much once I load everything into the scraprack pages. I get excited every day the more progress I make and can’t wait until my scraprack is complete and fully functional. Thanks for creating such a great but yet simple solution. Thank you for helping me “think simply” when organizing and showing me NOT to over analyze the process. – Heather PK

Judy K.

I love my Scraprack and the organization system. It has totally revolutionized my scrapbooking, and I am able to keep going on the scrapbooks instead of spending time organizing and looking for things. It is wonderful.  Judy K.

Joanne R.

Joanne R.

Greetings Tiffany and the Gang at Scrap Rack!

I have finally decided to send you a photo of my Scrap Rack system set up in my studio.  I’m a big fan of your products and have convinced some of my friends they need the system, too!  Here is a photo of my primary base set up.  I actually have two set up now, and also keep seasonal spinders nearby in a wire tower.  I love love love your online tutorials and they have helped me tremendously to stay organized.  Everything in my studio is easy to reach and to put away, and that keeps my workspace Clean!  I am currently in the process of inventorying my stamp collection via your tutorials (I’ve decided to tackle them in sections – so my Christmas/Winter sets are Done and In Use right now) and am getting started on putting together project-planning sheets on Spinders to keep my actual projects on a base, too.

The Scrap Rack system also helps me to purge what I’m not using and do not need.  That is another real plus of the system.  I also own two Travel Packs; one for my acrylic stamp sets, and one for traveling with projects.

Thank You Thank You! for inventing this system that really works, especially for us visual crafters.  Love it!

Joanne R.
Stanwood WA


Angie N.

This weekend I will be going to a big crop with about 112 women. The lady hosting this crop has asked me to demo my scraprack. I hope I do your wonderful company justice. It is an amazing product and it has put me so back on track that I have since Dec 1st almost finished a whole scrapbook. I never knew my problem was organization. I thought my creativity went into the ditch for awhile. Boy, was I wrong. Organization is the key. Thank you again, Angie N., Ottawa, Canada

Juliet B.

Very glad to support your products – they are excellent!  They are products I would be very enthusiastic to sell and have recommended multiple times.

I didn’t realize how much I liked the pages with the flaps until I started trying to put together my first holding album with the cheap page protectors b/c I was out of the Super-size Singles.  Lifted the spinder up and – PLOP!  Almost everything fell out of my pages.  Needless to say, I placed my orders soon after that.  🙂

After receiving my last orders, I’ve gotten two holding albums completed, one for a newer album I recently started and one for an album that has been “in Progress” (or more accurately “on hold”) for several years. I got stuck on one 2-page layout a couple years back, and haven’t worked on it since.  These two pages will be my first pages that I really use my new magnetic easel with – can’t wait to have some free time to have a go at them again.

Thanks for all you do.  It really makes a difference. – Juliet B.,  Ypsilanti, MI


Nancy G.

Thanks for offering so many great ideas to us!  Seriously, I was so Stuck before I started these webinars.  I used all my scrapping time to look for products and was extremely frustrated.  Now that I have at least some of my materials in the SR, it is so easy to create.  I even look forward to the time I spend organizing and purging because I know I will be in a better place afterward.  I can’t say thanks enough!

Warm regards, Nancy G.


Kristi C S.

As I’m working on getting my things together to go in my Scraprack, it occurs to me that, expensive though the initial investment may seem, in the end it will probably SAVE me money! I keep finding things I had forgotten I had! DUPLICATE items I had forgotten, especially! Simply keeping and storing these wonderful things is doing NO ONE any good. USING them as I intended when I purchased them—THAT is a far better use of my money! The Scraprack is going to allow me to do that very thing. – Kristi C S.