Susie B.

Thanks! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new Scraprack……it is truly the best organizational product for scrapbooking!!  I can actually find my stuff now!!!! 🙂 -Susie B.

Kathy Jo C

Hi, – I just wanted to thank you, once again, for all the fantastic organizational things you do. I just finished watching the webinar on digital organizing using One Note.   I was an Evernote user, but never really mastered it. Found it confusing And OMG! One Note just blows it away.   Being able to listen to the webinar, pause it where I needed, go to One Note and actually play with it, and then go back to the webinar. FANTASTIC.

You all are amazing.

Thank you and look forward to meeting you at CKC in Chicago in a few weeks.

-Kathy Jo C

P.S. I’ve been living with my scraprack since this summer… and just wished I would have bought it years ago. Life changing! I can get SO much done now and I know where to put everything. Clean up and put away is a breeze! love, love, love it!


Hello Tiffany,

I have to admit I was skeptical when I first found out about the ScrapRack system late last fall. I was a containerized queen with all my scrapbook supplies and was utilizing similar organization methods such as the rainbow and themes. The problem I was experiencing was trying to locate all the items I “knew” I had somewhere and really gather everything when I would create any cards or layouts. As I started through the Get Organized Challenge you provided in January, I began to realize that I had many duplicates of the same stamps, stickers, ribbons and many other types of embellishments stored in different containers. This was my serendipity moment where I realized my method was not working and your method really did make more logical sense. I am about 95% complete with setting up my ScrapRack with 1 extension and have purged so much over the past couple of months. I now have room to have the ScrapRack with one extension base and store a few extra Spinders on shelves in my cubes. I have emptied out a total of 6 cubes of supplies and enough plastic containers to overfill 2 huge plastic 30+ gallon totes. I actually have cubes that are empty that I am going to reuse in other areas of my house. I am a firm believer that this system does truly work to get all your scrap goodies gathered in a logical sense and will help save space in the long run and certainly decrease excessive buying of craft supplies. I have already sold some of my extra plastic containers on EBAY and have another pile I need to list to sell that I do not need any longer.

A converted ScrapRack lady with many thanks,


PS: Michaels, Hobby Lobby & Joann’s are not happy that I have been avoiding them the past couple of months. I was a devoted shopper in all these stores at least 1-2 times every week. I just do not need anything for quite some time, so I am not buying until I truly need supplies, I love the “Buy with Intention”.



With my retirement two years ago, I finally had time to sort through the many boxes and scrapbooks that came into my possession when my mother died.  Her “archives” (most of which I never new existed) along with several scrapbooks and boxes which were discovered at our extended-family cabin in North Carolina, have given me a treasure-trove of family photos, documents, letters (over 500) and artifacts, some dating back to the early 1800’s.  I have almost finished writing a series of Family Heritage manuscripts, including images of everything I could scan or photograph, to tell the story of how four families came together in my maternal grandparents.  But — all those documents, photos, letters, and artifacts are still in boxes.  My intention all along has been to create a series of scrapbooks which would move those pieces of family memorabilia out of boxes and into a form that could be easily read, examined, and enjoyed, using the manuscripts as my guide.  However, I have delayed starting the scrapbooks because the thought of trying to locate/unearth the materials, supplies, etc. that are stored in various places in my home, for such an extended project, has been intimidating.  My daughter-in-law suggested I sign up for your online classes, and it has been the answer to my dilemma!  I have begun a reorganization of my scrapbooking materials, using many of your suggestions and modifying them as needed to fit my needs and work methods.  I expect to finish in about two weeks, and then will be ready to begin my “labor of love.”  The Family Heritage scrapbooks project (I believe there will be at least 10 volumes, covering over 200 years) no longer seems such a daunting task, and I now look forward to preserving the past for our family’s future generations.  Then I can begin my husband’s side of the family! -Nancy, Lakeland, FL

Connie C.

After the organizing comes the scrapping. Went to a scrap weekend this last week and got 27 pages done, it was awesome to be able to find things very easy.  Had a lot of fun. – Connie C., (from Facebook)

Mary Beth S.

I LOVE my Scrap Rack! Can I say it enough??? I recently planned 8 layouts for an upcoming scrap book retreat and have purchased NOTHING!!!! I planned all 8 using things I already had that I could easily find in my Scrap Rack! I can’t imagine how much I might have spent otherwise. Thanks again Tiffany and Co. for such a great product! – Mary Beth S., Johns Creek, GA (from Facebook)


Anonymous 3

After the livestream event this week, I took Tiffany’s advice and recruited my 26 year old daughter in organizing some of my alpha stickers, stamps and foam shapes. It took all day, but we started out with 3 boxes (one of them filled with Kraft mayonnaise jars full of foam shapes). We threw out those 3 boxes, the mayonnaise jars and a trash bag full of packaging – and ended up with all of those doodads in my Scraprack right where they belonged. My daughter was so stunned and impressed that she is hooked – she put in her Christmas request with her husband!  Thank you for all you do 🙂 … Monica S.   PS -my daughter’s reward for helping was to get my purges – LOL! She couldn’t afford to bring all of her scrapbooking stuff with her when she moved from NY to AR. She said if she had had a Scraprack she wouldn’t have had to start all over! – Anonymous

Serene B.

I took one of my brand new travelpacks with me on a 4 day scrappy retreat last weekend to Kentucky.  I managed to pack all my Project Life supplies into it including my ATG tape gun which made flying much easier.  I was completely organized and prepared which allowed me to finish 54 layouts!  My friends were totally jealous!

Thanks so much!

Serene B.,  Flushing, NY


Tommie R.

I purchased my Scraprack for myself for Christmas.  I LOVE it.  I took “Before” pics but, ironically, accidentally deleted them during the purge phase.  I really love the stamp holder pages (name?).  Before I put my stamps in the holding pages, I make a copy so that I know what I have. Also, I bought a label maker to label my drawers in an existing organizer.  You won’t see tons of paper: I try to keep manageable amounts of paper on hand; however, I have many more photos separated than I have time to “scrap” them!  I am ready for an expansion pack.  I will probably purchase it on cyber Monday, my Christmas gift to me!

Thanks, Tiffany, for your encouragement and your wonderful products!

Tommie R., Cleveland, OH


Barbara M.

I just bought my scraprack last week and love it! Still setting it up and amazed at all of the embellies I have overlooked using because I forgot I had them! No more since I have the scraprack! – Barbara M.


Nancy G.

I am a visual person and needed to see all the Project Life cards in my kit to select the right one for a page, so I put the PL cards in my Trader’s 12 ScrapRack pages and my Perfect 6 ScrapRack pages on a spinder and they are all ORGANIZED by COLOR and I can find them SO EASILY!!!!  PL TIFFANIZED!!!!! LOL!  – Nancy G.


Jen U.

Enjoying shopping my stash, in the last 2 weeks I’ve made 16 layouts and 7 cards. I’m almost finished my 2012 album. Yay for organization!!!! – Jen U.

Nancy G

Dear Tiffany,

Your company and your employees are AMAZING!  I have never enjoyed interacting with another company as much as I do yours!

I placed an order recently and received it in a timely way but the order was packed short a few supplies.  I called on Thursday when I received the order and talked to Karen.  She apologized so kindly and promptly sent out the missing items, along with a couple of goodies. I received the package today (so quickly!!); I hardly had a chance to miss the items in my order!

I was so excited to receive the small embellishment bags that Karen included because I had just run out of them and dreaded going out to a local store just for those.  How did she know that is exactly what I needed??

I can’t wait to “try” your newest products.  I am re-organizing my Scraprack now that I have used it a while to better suit my style and I have already found the vertical 4 pages to be a big help in organizing my paper ribbon (from Creative Memories), which has been one of the thorns in my side for a while.  Thanks for solving yet another of my craft storage problems!  I just have my stamps left to organize….this week, I hope.

Then I will have to find something else to re-organize so I can continue with the GOC – What else would I do on Tuesday afternoons??  Truly, you have helped me bring the joy of crafting back to my life by helping me organize.  I am a GottaLot, to put it mildly.

Keep producing useful products that respond to customers’ needs and keep up the wonderful customer relations and I am sure your company will go far.  Best of luck to you –  but you won’t need the luck – you just Do it Right.  Congratulations and many thanks.

Your loyal GOC student and fan,

Nancy G

Pat H

I’ve just gotta say it. My SR is wonderful!! I was so worried about spending the $ and not liking it. Well…..I love it. I just spent the afternoon scrapping, and it is just so easy to find stuff. I needed a purple embellishment, went to my purple section and walaaa, take your pick!!! Just sayin’ – Pat H

Aliya C

This week I worked on 2 custom orders. This was the first time I’ve worked out of my newly organized craft room and my SR! It was AMAZING!!!! I found stuff in seconds, cleaned up in minutes, and used stuff I’ve had sitting around for like forever! I’m so thankful for the GOC and the help organizing everything. What a difference it has made!!!! It’s amazing what a difference it made! I’m so much more creative now that I can use anything I want to. It’s not a hassle to change my mind and add something to a project. I loved having my Stickles and embossing powder references. They really came in handy! I’m so thankful for the class and this amazing system!!!! – Aliya C

Dianne N. 

Wow-I had no idea how wrong I had my “treasures” stashed. I have found so many things I either forget I had purchased or didn’t know where they were. It is just like going to a new “free” scrapbook store. Looking forward to this weeks challenge. – Dianne N. 

Christine D

Hello, I just got back from a weekend crop where I took my scraprack for the first time. It was amazing I was so organized and had everything at my fingertips and it was all organized. No wondering where I put anything and got a lot of scrapbooking done. Also had lots of fellow scrappers compliment my SR and ask about it. Amazing. Cant wait to do it again. Woot! Woot! Thanks Scraprack organizers! – Christine D

Laura R

This product and the people behind it are amazing!! I am so happy that I found them. –  Laura R

Patti P B

I have to say how thrilled I am with my progress on the Organizational Challenge! I began a year ago and still have work to do but am already reaping the rewards. My stash was so out of control, I was about ready to give up my beloved hobby. But now, my supplies have a home; I know just where to look when I need something and, more importantly, I know where to put things when I’m done. For those just starting, keep at it, don’t be discouraged and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of creating during the process! – Patti P B

Anonymous 2

I am almost finished with my organization. Down to the last little bits of odds and ends. I am going on a retreat next weekend and it was so easy to pack for it. This Challenge is definitely one of the best things I have ever done and I know that the Scraprack is HANDS DOWN the very best investment I have ever purchased. I love it! – Anonymous 


Kelly S-C

I’ve thought I was done 3 times and then uncover yet more paper. Now, however, it is in groupings or kits such as all Halloween, so finding its forever home has taken seconds. That is the payoff for all this work. It is a brilliant system with everything it takes to last a lifetime. – Kelly S-C

Sylvia P

As for plan of attack for motivation:  Way back when, I went to a lady’s house and she was a demonstrator for a product. She had paid another lady BIG BUCKS to organize her. I became weak in the knees, left her house and cried because I had to come home to a mess…terrible mess. I googled scrapbook organize and POOF!! I prayed and began. I am very very grateful. – Sylvia P

Linda P

LOVE LOVE LOVE my scrap rack! I tell anyone who will listen what a great organization system it is, even other scrap organization groups. Wish I had known about the SR long before now. Can’t wait to start scrapping again after 3 years off my mojo. Thanks Tiffany for your wonderful instructions I’ve watched each video twice. You girls are the best! – Linda P

Linda R 

Just wanted to say yesterday while scrapbooking I found everything soooooo fast I was beside myself ( so happy) I just stopped in my tracks and was like wow I just found what I needed without opening and closing drawers bins closets etc. and not going crazy and getting frustrated. – Linda R 

Stella K J

Just wanted to share…I just finished making a baby book for a friend & didn’t buy anything but instead used things I already had. I knew where stuff was because of the Scrap Rack! I just can’t stress it enough that life is more simple with the Scrap Rack! – Stella K J


At first I thought no way would the scraprack work for me. I had everything sorted & stored by type. But now I really see the advantage of having ALL embellishments sorted & stored by sections. I wish I’d heard about the scraprack when I first started scrapbooking. The money I’ve spent trying to find the perfect storeage solutions! – Anonymous

Eleanor T 

Testimonial time- so I went to a scrap weekend with some girlfriends- most of the time I spend dragging everything in and digging through it all looking for products to use. The result is frustration with only a few completed pages. Well this time- I brought my scraprack with fall, winter, and kid spinders as well as colors that coordinated (red green orange brown)… And the result – 30 pages completed. I had to stop because I USED all my fall papers! Now I can buy with intention for that season! I also became a bit of a spokesmodel for the scraprack to the other girls and recommended they hop on the organization train with me! Lol – Eleanor T 

Anna C.

To the Scrap Rack Gang –

I joined another organization FB group (and I) just wanted to let you know that I am about to pull my hair out reading the posts on there.   I must post 2 or 3 times a day … with the link to your web site or a video from the Get Organized Challenge telling everyone GO HERE it will change your LIFE!!!!  

It gets very frustrating when they don’t see the light!!!  LOL I just want to bop em over the head with a spinder and say PAY ATTENTION!!

So glad I found you Tiffany and so happy that even though I may not know what I am doing I at least know how to find it! – Anna C.

Rh Ra

I have cleared out so many storage boxes and containers since starting this project along with all the containers the items have come in. Can’t believe how much this system has save so much space already. – Rh Ra

Cheryl D

We went to our crop this weekend and I have to tell you this.   The person I crop with was the first person who showed me Tiffany’s products.  At first I thought they were too expensive but after trying to re-produce them myself I broke down and purchased them.

Well, both of us brought the one scrap rack to go (that is what I call it) with the pages we wanted to work on, the rainbow section,  and one box on wheels with other scrapping essentials (which will fit nicely in the new scrap rack items I just received) We were the only ones that had more space around us, took less time setting up and got more done!  It was absolutely wonderful.   And while everyone was taking an hour or so to pack up it really took us about 20 min.  I can’t wait to use all the new products I just got and of course order more!!!  – Cheryl D