Jill S.

I have not only embraced the rainbow (section), I have climbed to the top, done a victory dance, and slid down the other side!!  I love it!!  I actually started with my embellishments on New Year’s Eve, with a goal to have it done before a weekend crop the first weekend in February.  I made it, thanks to all of you!

I am really enjoying this process.  I have watched the videos over and over again.  I just play them all while I’m working away in my basement!  You have been such an inspiration to me.  I thank you for all that you do!

Thank you, too, for the opportunity to win one of the new products in the launch on New Year’s Day!  It was so exciting to hear my name!  And I love the Expanding Project Planner Pages that I received!  – Jill S.


Debbie Z.

My friend saw my ScrapRack and she fell over. I had her pick a subject in her head and then go look for it in my ScrapRack. She could not believe how fast she could find everything that I have in there so far. Trust me, I have a lot of stuff in there now, that I forgot I had. So actually being able to see how easy the ScrapRack makes it to find stuff, she is sold. She is going to order the system so she can have 4 bases like I have and get the Create and Carry binder for going to our long weekend crops. She and I are both shocked at how much free space I have recaptured in my big craft room, using the ScrapRack.  Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate it. – Debbie Z. 

Karen M.

Thank you for your organization challenges. I never would have thought to put everything of a color, holiday or a theme together.   I am amazed at the amount of space I now have in my craft area. – Karen M

Jill P.

Hi wonderful Scrap Rack women,

 I’d like to share a testimonial on your amazing Create and Carry Binder. I bought this in combination with the Crop Crate Apron—which I also love—to be able to travel better with my supplies. My first big trip with my Binder was a week-long scrapbooking cruise! My awesome Binder was able to fit 3 card kits, lots of extra cardstock and embellishments to use with the card kit leftovers, and all of my tools including my trimmer! I only needed one Spinder and a handful of the amazing combo pack of pages that came with the Binder. All of the more bulky items, like stamps, ink pads and washi tape fit beautifully into my Double-Sided Stamp Store and Go Bag. That thing is also incredible!!

AND, the best part is that it all fit into my medium-sized suitcase and came home completely intact and undamaged! I am SO glad that I bought the Binder and Apron combo because now I feel so much more prepared to go to offsite scrapbooking events large and small—and even on vacation! My next event is a weekend scrap retreat in the mountains and since I’m driving to that one I’ll be bringing both the Binder and my crate with the Crate Apron on! – Jill P 

Nancy G.

Thank YOU so much for offering great products and great customer service!  I tell everyone who will listen to me about your company!! Wishing you continuing success, Nancy G.

Celia M

When I first started scrapping, many, many years ago, I went to a Creative Keepsake convention and saw your product. At that time I thought, “what an awesome idea.” Then I saw the price and thought, there is no way I would pay that much money for crafting. Boy have I eaten my words many times over since then.

After years of spending money trying to find the right organizing solution and failing, I was growing very discouraged, doubting I would ever find the right solution. I was starting to lose my joy in scrapping and card making. It was too much of an ordeal to find which cubbies, drawers or boxes my precious things could be in. Then last month, while playing on my computer, I saw an advertisement, from HSN, showcasing your product. I decided to research it. I watch all your videos and read the testimonials to see what others thought of it.  After as few days I decided to purchase the combo from HSN.

All I can say is, my JOY in scrapping and card making has returned. Once I received my ScrapRack I did as your videos instructed. I am so excited and my husband is also impressed with my system. To top it all off, I have started creating again. I am on my second expansion and will soon need a 3rd.  How I wish I had invested all those years ago. I would have saved myself oodles of money and frustration. As an added bonus I no longer call my room “my crafting room” I now call it my “Crafting Studio”.

I’m not totally finished with it yet, since I work fulltime and because of my transplant am usually tired by the end of the day but little by little I am getting there. Thank you so much for your product. I LOVE IT!!! – Celia M

Ruth C.

My hubby is so proud of how beautifully organized my scrapbook room is he gave our son a tour to show off my Scraprack System!  Thanks for everything.  Love my Scraprack and how great it feels to be so well organized. – Ruth C.

Anne J.

Dear Tiffany Spaulding, Thank you so much…. I know everyone is probably sick of me and my stamp catalog but seriously I am building a card today and it took me literally just about two minutes total to pick out the stamps I would use and bonus because of my catalog I could also test the size out to see if it was going to work perfectly. and I could lay my hands on the exact stamps I needed in less than 30 seconds. My Stamp catalog and having my paper and ink pads organized has made making cards simple, easy and seriously less messy. No more having to pull out every pack or hunt through every wood block stamp… they are numbered labeled and easy to locate. But the catalog makes it all work wonderfully. Thanks for making my crafting experience infinitely better. – Anne J.

Julie O.

I have to share this….. This last weekend I went to a two day crop. Actually I only attended 7 hours of it on the first and 10 hours of it on the second.

This is the first crop I used the ScrapRack and organizing system for it. I am overjoyed to report it took me

Packing: 10 minutes
Setting up at the crop: 10 minutes
Finish pages: 12 (complicated, embellished and journaled) ready for the album pages!
packing to return home: 15 minutes
unpacking at home: 10 minutes (that is everything back in the scrap rack and completed pages in the completed pages box!

What a great system! – Julie O.


Cathy H.

Your products have changed my life.  I never scrapbooked or made cards.  I taught math for 34 years so I was grading papers and other things that mothers and wives do.  My daughter is 34 now, and four months ago after getting organized with your products which I order from lots of companies and after discovering Anna Griffin, I scrapbooked Kelli’s 34 birthdays and Christmases in two months.  I also make cards and love it!  I was overwhelmed until I bought the ScrapRack and watched your videos.  I now have all of my dies, stamps, paper, inks, embossing powders, and lots more organized.

Organizing is fun to me.  As a math consultant for the last six years, I have organized numerous classrooms as well as help math teachers.  Now I have an organized craft room!  People ask me why I like to be organized, and I tell them that I do not want to waste time looking for things.

Thanks again and keep thinking of new ways to help us! -Cathy H.



Joann M.

I have looked at this Scraprack System for a number of years and bit the bullet and purchased it from HSN.  Wow! You can’t imagine how many boxes, drawers, bins, etc. that I have been  able to empty.  I do not have it all together yet, but close. I watch the Tiffany organize videos over and over again.  I am so excited to get this under control. Looking forward to new things and spreading the word. Thank you again, Joann M.

Denise S.

I don’t write testimonials but today, I must. I haven’t scrapbooked in years. I was beating myself up about it constantly because I have spent so much money on supplies. As usual, I watched the scrapbooking day on HSN and bought lots of goodies including the scrap rack. When it arrived, I left it in the box for a while. Then one day, I decided I had to open the box to see what I had bought that I was probably never going to use. I set it up-critizing my purchase every step of the way. I decided that I would start by inserting my extensive sticker collection. This eliminated three thick binders. Then I had an epiphany-I haven’t scrapbooked in years because just walking in the room gave me anxiety. In fact, just thinking about scrapbooking gave me anxiety. It gave me anxiety because, although I was very well organized, everything was in containers and binders everywhere. Just doing a birthday page required me going through my binders, finding the one that had the birthday stickers in it, pulling those out, then going to my jolee’s stash and doing the same-then trying to think what else do I have that is birthday related-pulling out what I could remember I had-and suddenly I had a big mess and I hadn’t even started yet. I have been cleaning now for several weeks-so far, my scrap rack consist of itself and one extension. I have filled up 8 paper shopping bags full of purged items. The word I keep repeating to myself is “streamline”. The scrap rack is just amazing-everything in one place is such a liberating concept. I’m so glad your sister talked you into making it! LOL I also greatly appreciate your quick shipping-especially when I need those extra pages asap! Thank you so much! -Denise S.

Laura L.

I have always been able to make my scrap room pretty, but it’s never really been functional.  Crafting was very frustrating because I spent most of my time searching for things.  That all changed when I found the Scrap Rack and the online organization classes with Tiffany.  I watched the videos and took the challenges and now my room is pretty AND functional!  I know where everything is and I can get to it all within 30 seconds.  There is no searching and scrapbooking has become fun again!  Not to mention productive.  I am happily Tiffanized! -Laura L.