Just Imagine…easy access to your scrapbooking supplies.

Just imagine sitting down with your craft supplies & CREATING instead of searching for things. The ScrapRack is Scrapbooking Supply Organization simplified!

Organize you paper crafting supplies in a ScrapRack for easy access. B11 Totally-Tiffany

I’m not sure the ScrapRack is for you, but I know I couldn’t craft without mine.  What do you know about the ScrapRack?  In this post I’ve tried to coordinate  all the blog posts I’ve written about the ScrapRack into on easy to ready post.

ScrapRack Scrapbooking Supply Organizer, Empty and Full

ScrapRack 101 – The basics

Setting Up ScrapRack: 

What is a ScrapRack? – get the basic details on the components of the system.

ScrapRack on its back? – Find out if your ScrapRack is set up properly or if it’s on its back.

Where can you put your ScrapRack – You’ll be surprised how little space you need to organize so many supplies.


Removing Spinders from your ScrapRack – The 3 ring section, Spinders can be “tough” to remove, use this method to easily remove Spinders.

ScrapRack Spinder Placement– Learn how to properly place spinders on the ScrapRack.

ScrapRack Pages: 

Picking Perfect Pages – An in-depth look on each of our ScrapRack pages.

Picking Perfect Pocket Pages – Customize your ScrapRack system with the right type of pocket pages for your supplies.

Tips for loading your pocket pages.

How To Customize ScrapRack Pocket Pages– Learn how to customize any of our ScrapRack pocket pages.

ScrapRack System: 

Building the perfect ScrapRack System for your supplies – Tips and suggestions for choosing the right components.

Choosing the ScrapRack package that’s right for you – a quick overview of packages from beginner to Super Crafter.

Why you need a ScrapRack:

Time, Money, Space, and Time

Project Planning Simplified

You’ll be crafty in so many more ways.

Sharing paper crafting supplies is simple.

Those boxes aren’t going to put themselves away.

The most stuff in the smallest amount of space.

You’ll use more supplies on each project.

Cleaning up is a BREEZE!

Crafting is more fun when you’re organized.

The biggest benefits to using The ScrapRack.

Individual Product Posts

Get the details, pictures, tips, tricks and videos too.  Each of these posts is centered around just one product.

Specialty Storage Pages

Sideloader Single Storage Page – Video
Embellishment Storage Page – p50, Post
Expanding Project Planner – P71, Video
Flippin’ Storage Page, P82 – Video

Double Sided Duos – Post,
Double-Sided Duo 2×1 – Video
Double-Side Duo 4×1 – Video

Basic Storage Pages

SuperSized Single Basic Storage Page
Vertical Double Basic Storage Page
Triple Play Basic Storage Page
Fabulous Four Basic Storage Page
Vertical Four Basic Storage Page
Fantastic Five Basic Storage Page
Perfect Six Storage Page
Mix Master 7 Storage Page
Trader’s Twelve Storage Page

4 Responses to Just Imagine…easy access to your scrapbooking supplies.

  1. I love my ScrapRack! Just last night, as I was finishing a scrapbook page, I remembered, “Oh, yeah, I was going to put a camera sticker on it”: flipped to the Travel section, found more camera stickers than I knew I had. “Wait, that will be black on black cardstock — I need to mount it on a small pink circle”: flipped to Rainbow, grabbed best pink to match, grabbed circle punch out of drawer…BOOM – DONE! 🙂

    • Hello! This is my first comment as I just “discovered” you. I want to order the crate apron as I think it is a really great tool for lugging stuff to a scrapbook club…and back. I am confused about the shipping cost and just need some clarification as I may be using the site wrong. I live in the US but I want to send the apron to my friend Irene in Calgary. No matter what I do, the postage is $38 International postage. Where did I go wrong?

      • Sorry – International Shipping is REALLY expensive. Do you have an address in the USA that you can ship to? T.

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