What is a ScrapRack

The ScrapRack is the scrapbooking supply organization system that combines the ease of binders with the functionality of filing. There are 4 components to The ScrapRack System; The ScrapRack Base, Spinders, Storage Pages and Dividers.

1. The base unit

The main component is called a ScrapRack Base unit. This metal base is hinged at the back and stands at a 45 degree angle on your desktop, cart or shelf. The face of the unit is covered with a commercial grade of hook fabric, commonly known as the rough side of Velcro. Two metal “wings’ are added to the base to create support for the storage pages.

2. Spinders

Spinders are the 3 ring binder sections that adhere to the ScrapRack Base. The back of each Spinder has a strip of loop fabric glued to a steel bar and then secured with rivets. A single base ScrapRack System will hold 7 Spinders. When you purchase the ScrapRack Basic, the base, wings and spinders are all included.

The ScrapRack organizes 7 3 rings sections of supplies.

3. Storage Pages

ScrapRack Storage pages are designed to hold most of the supplies you will use in scrapbooking, card making, stamping, etc. There are 2 groups of storage pages: Basic Storage Pages and Specialty Storage Pages.

Basic Storage Pages

These pages are all made of the same lightweight, but heavy duty, food grade plastic. They are all designed on the same basic footprint – 12.5″x 12.5″. Each of the page designs, (currently there are 10) is sold in packs of 10 sheets and many are included in our variety packs. Each pocket regardless of the page design, has a crescent cut flap at the top of the pocket.

Specialty Storage Pages

These pages are currently available in 5 designs. They are made with a heavier plastic and are packaged in sets of 3-5 depending on the page design. Included in this group of pages are the Embellishment Storage Page, the Flippin’ Storage Page, and the Sideloader Single.

4. Dividers

Dividers are slightly larger than storage pages. Dividers come in sets of 5, with 5 tab locations. Other than the obvious, ease of labeling, dividers also help to provide page stability and to protect the edges and corners of your storage pages. Especially if you’re travelling with your ScrapRack (yes, it is portable.)

Putting it all together

When you combine all the components of the ScrapRack you’ll create a PERFECT filing system for your supplies. Use the 4 Section System and you’ll be able to “Flip and Find” anything in your ScrapRack in 30 seconds or less – I guarantee it!

Good to know:

The ScrapRack base is 15″ long x 12″ deep.
Each of the “wings” is 11″ wide.
When the wings are on the base unit the total length is 37″.

The base wings and Spinders weigh 13 lbs. without pages or dividers.

The ScrapRack is portable – Use a Craft Crate to get your ScrapRack to and from an event, or just to move it around your house.

The ScrapRack is expandable. You’ll always need to start with The ScrapRack Basic, it includes the wings, but then you can add as many Expansion bases as you have space for on your desk or shelf. Base units link together with a hook & loop connector.

ScrapRack Expanded Graphic

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn about The ScrapRack. If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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  1. I have a bunch of Heartfelt Creations stamps and die cut sets. Can I use your system to store these stamps and dies together?

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