Sneak Peek – Color #1

We are so excited about the new colors and PATTERNS!!! Other than the Zebra Limited Edition we did last year, we’ve never done patterns.  Our newest Create and Craft Binders (Formerly know as The TravelPack) will come in some fun new patterns.  I’m sorry to say we don’t have great pictures, as I’m working off what was sent to me from the factory.  You can “Click to Enlarge” the images I’ve included.
  We’re pleased to present today’s color – Black Floral.  We don’t have interior pictures, but the interior of this Create and Craft Binder is Turquoise Blue!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Black of course is classic and timeless.  It goes with everything.  The new floral pattern adds a little extra style and “pop”.  The apron has the floral pattern on the side.  I’m sorry you can’t see the pattern from this image.  We’ll certainly add more images to the website when the products arrive.
The Crop Crate Apron – more images. 
I talked about this on video yesterday, here are a few more pictures. Click to Enlarge.

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