Stamp and Supply Suitcase – NEW

Wood mounted stamps can really present a challenge where organization is concerned.
  If you put them on a shelf and arrange them by theme it’s difficult to add new stamps and keeping them dust free is almost impossible.
  Once you put them into a drawer they are “out of site out of mind.”
  If you load them into a tote, digging to the bottom becomes a huge chore, not that you’ll remember what’s down there anyway.
 Our Stamp and Supply Suitcases were designed to solve these problems.

Stamp & Supply Suitcase, handles up
Wood Stamp organization and storage

Each Suitcase is 8.5″ x 11″ x 1″.  You can store a variety of stamps (number varies based on size of stamps) in each box. Boxes can be stored either horizontal or vertical – allowing you to maximize your storage space. Retractable handles make it easy to carry your supplies from home to a crafting event.

Once you have your stamps arranged in the Stamp Suitcase, make a photo copy of the way they are arranged.  Put the copy in the bottom of the Stamp Suitcase.

Because these boxes can be store vertically, its easy to create a “library” of stamps and other supplies.  Here are a couple of examples:

Craft Storage and Organizaiton, Stamp Suitcase by Totally-Tiffany
Organize washi tape in stamp & supply suitcase.
Stamp Suitcase - A46
Store hot glue gun - Totally-Tiffany

You’ll love how easy it is to organize you stamps, glitters, tools and more with these little Stamp and Supply Suitcases.

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5 Responses to Stamp and Supply Suitcase – NEW

  1. We want to order the 8 1/2 X 11 X 1 plastic storage cases but cannot determine how to do this on-line. Your early response will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Jim & Emilie Webb

    • Hi –
      Do you want the 8.5×11 Fab File – this is the box with the lid that closes. It includes 5 clear plastic, tabbed file pockets.
      Do you want the 8.5×11 Paper Handler, this is the box that is open like a magazine box, it has 2 retractable handles.

      Please use the links in the text above to take you to the item you are looking for.

  2. Have you stopped making the Stamp suitcase? I love the ones I have but need a couple more and everyone is out of them.

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