Step by step punch organization

Are your punches piled up in a box, bin, drawer or tote?  It’s time to get them organized and ACCESSIBLE!!

I’ve organized my punches in the past, but at that time we only had 1 size of Punch Pack (1″).  With the introduction of the 1.5″ and 2″ it was time for me to reorganize my larger punches into some of the deeper punch packs.

Follow along with my step by step picture posts to see how I got all of my punches organized into a well organized “library.”

Step 1 – Gather your punches together and sort them by size.

Step 2 – Arrange punches into an 8.5″x11″ rectangle

You can use the tray to be sure the dimension is correct.

Step 3 – Take a picture and load your punches.

Take a picture of the punch arrangement and print it out 8.5″ x 11″.  You can do this  in color or black and white. (Note:  If you’re able to, an alternative to taking a photo is to slide the filled tray back into the vinyl bag, but “backwards” [with the bag flap at the back of the tray].  Place your filled bag on your scanner and print an 8.5×11″ copy.)

Print a second image and add the full sheet to your tool catalog.

Now put the print in the bottom of the tray and load the punches on top using the image as a guide.  This seems kind of silly at this point, but when you take a punch out, the other punches will move around. Having the printed image in the bottom of your tray will make it easier to put everything back where it belongs.

Step 4 – Number your punches and add “punch outs” to your tool catalog.

I used white label tape to really make the numbers on my punches “pop off” the punch.  Since I was “re-organizing”, I also used the white tape to cover the old numbers from my previous markings.

You’ll love how easy it is to find and use your punches once they’re arranged in a “library.”  Learn more about our Punch Packs.

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5 Responses to Step by step punch organization

  1. I use all three punch bags, but I also have some punches that are too tall for the bags. How do you suggest storing them so they can be in the same place as the ones in the punch bags? Will you ever have an even deeper bag? HELP!!

    • HI Karen – Thanks for taking the time to ask about these giant punches. They are a real challenge. The biggest problem with putting them in a deeper bag is the weight. What do you think of a small shelf/stadium, like our Desk Maid Stadium Arranger that would be wide enough for these? If would not be portable, but it would keep your punches visible and accessible. Tif

  2. I tried the punch bags but it didn’t seem to work out well for me. I have all of the CM large and small shape punches and the large just didn’t seem to work out. I see that now you have one that is deeper that may work for the large ones. I will have to try that again. Do you know about how many of the Lg CM punches fit into a bag? Thank you for your help.

    • HI Laura – I don’t have any of the CM punches. The bag is 8.5×11 and the depth varies 1″, 1.5″ or 2″. Hope this helps. If you want to send me some pics and measurements, I’ll try to give you a better idea. If you do try the deeper bags, I’d love to see a picture of how it works out.
      Thanks, Tif

      • Thanks Tiffany for your response. The square punch is almost 2.5 inches tall, the length is about 5 inches x 3 inches. So I am thinking that the bag would not be deep enough for their punches. Most of the larger ones are about the same size and the smaller punches are a bit smaller in size. Not sure how to send a picture but thank you very much for the information. I love your products and organizational system.

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