Store Dies & Stamps Together

Store dies & Stamps together with Totally-Tiffany

Today during our Tuesday Live event a question was asked about storing dies and stamps together in the Desk Maid Die File.  My answer was yes, you can simply put the stamps on top of the dies.

After I answered the question, Linda Duke shared a good idea – add a piece of our self- adhesive magnets strips to the back of a Stamp Pocket and stick the stamps onto the Die File panel.  I thought I’d give it a try.

It works!!!

What you need…

Stamp Pockets

or Die & Stamp Pockets

Self-adhesive magnetic strips

a Die File

and of course dies, stamps and scissors.

Linda suggested using the Stamp Pockets, which work really well.  I also tried our Medium Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets.  These worked well also.  These come in 3 different sizes, so they may work well for you if you have smaller or larger stamps.  Of course, all of them can easily be used together.

In this first series of pictures I used 2 stamp and die sets and 1 Stamp Pocket.

Next, I tried using 3 stamp & die sets, still just 1 Stamp Pocket.

Lastly, I tried our Die, Stamp & Stencil Pockets.

These worked well also.  They might be a better choice if you want to keep all of your stamps in separate pockets and/or if your stamp sets are smaller or larger – the Die Stamp & Stencil Pockets are available in 3 sizes and also come in a variety pack.

Tips and Tricks – Learn from my mistakes

Positioning the Stamp Pockets:

When I put the Stamp Pockets on the Die File panel the first time, It only had 2 stamps in the pocket, so the panel slid easily back into the file.  When I added the 3rd stamp, the Stamp Pocket opening – puffed up a bit and got caught on the panel above when I tried to slide it back in.

The remedy to this was easy, I put the closed end of the Stamp Pocket towards the back of the panel.  In this position, everything slid into place easily.

How much magnet strip do you need?

Not as much as I put on the example pockets.  A 1″ strip of magnet or would probably work fine for either the Stamp Pockets or the Die, Stamp & Stencil Pockets.

Where to place the magnet strip on the pocket?

I would suggest placing the dies on the Die File panel first.  Then loading the stamps into the pocket and laying it on top of the dies.  You may be able to arrange the dies so the magnet on the pocket can be on the same piece of magnetic strip as the dies. This could mean you’ll want the strip of magnet on the pocket to be in the middle or off to one side.

I used a separate strip of magnet on the die panel just for the pockets, but I don’t think this is the most efficient use of space.

You might be sacrificing space on the underside of the panel

If your pockets are too thick you won’t be able to put dies on the underside of the panel above.  The pockets will “knock” the dies off the magnets.  If your stamp pockets only have 1 layer of stamps in them, this won’t normally be a problem.

If you add pockets but no magnets

The stamp pockets seem to slide around a bit if they aren’t “stuck” down with a magnetic strip.  This will mean they are no longer “with” their matching dies.  The sliding pockets might also dislodge the dies.

Special thanks to Linda Duke for sharing her idea!! If you have ideas about how to use our products, I hope you’ll take a few moments to share them with us.

Hope you’re having a creative day!

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    • Yes, I’m assuming you’d like to see a video on organizing dies in the Die File, correct? I’ll try to get something together before I leave for HSN on Saturday. I’m sorry it hasn’t been done already. T.

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