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The SuperSized Single has always been our most popular page.  I’m certain this is due to the versatility of its size.
The one large pocket in the SuperSized Single page measures 12.5″ x 12.5″ – ideal for almost anything you would use in a 12×12 scrapbook.
The obvious items; 12×12 paper, 12×12 stickers, etc. are of course a no-brainer.  But the SuperSized Single is a real workhorse for other things as well.

Page Kits – Often we will buy or receive a full page kit when we are at a scrapbooking/papercrafting event.  All of the pieces to complete this layout are contained within the kit.  Rather than opening the kit and spreading it out into a variety of pockets, drop the full kit into a SuperSized Single – “keep things together you’ll use together.”

Great for Page and Project kits - 12x12
Keep things together you use together. These large pockets can handle an entire project kit.

Completed layouts from a class or event
It’s not uncommon to create a page/layout at a class and leave the picture spaces blank.  Put these almost done layouts into a SuperSized Single page and store them in the most obvious section of your ScrapRack. The project below was stored in my winter section.  When I’m scrapping winter I’ll be able to add a few photos and call it done!

Store completed projects

Specialty Paper Storage

Do you have delicate vellum, velvet, glitter or other papers that need an extra layer of protection?  The SuperSized Single is ideal for storing and organizing delicate papers.  Because the pocket is 12.5″ x 12.5″, it’s easy to slide delicate papers into the pocket.  Edges and corners are protected.  If needed you can use one of our Shut Your Flap tabs to label the edge of the page for easy reference.

12x12 Specialty Paper Storage

SuperSized Singles can be used in your ScrapRack or you can use the m in your Paper Handler or Paper Storage boxes.  Both the Paper Handler and our Paper Storage Boxes are roomy enough that you do NOT need to cut the 3 hole tab off of the pocket.

Great for 12×12 stencils too!

Stencils can be a real pain to store.  They get “hung up” on each other.  They are often a little messy, with wet ink, or paint cut in corners.

The SuperSized Single pocket is a perfect place to store these items.  You can store just one stencil per pocket or up to 5 stencils per pocket. I like to use a piece of paper or the actual packaging the stencil came in to help separate the stencils.  Using the packaging can be a bonus if the packaging gives useful ideas and instructions.  I also used our Shut Your Flap tabs to label each stencil.

12x12 Stencil organization

Paper, Stickers, Page Kits, Stencils… the list of things you can store in our SuperSized Single Pocket Page is endless.  I didn’t even mention “pages in progress” or completed pages you’re waiting to add to an album.

There’s a reason this page is so popular.  If you have or you’re considering getting a ScrapRack or if you’re using our Paper Storage Boxes or Paper Handler – these pages are a must have!

The SuperSized Single is available in packs of 10 or in packs of 50.

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