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ScrapRack Users – Tip of the Day: Use the 4 Section System


Use the 4 Section System

4 Section System

If you’re using a ScrapRack but you haven’t embraced the 4 Section System, you could love your ScrapRack even more.

The 4 Section System has benefits beyond just finding your supplies quickly and easily.

Preparing for a crafting event is easier.

Page and project planning is faster and more efficient.

Cleaning up is significantly faster.

Sharing with your friends, kids, fellow crafters  is simpler too!

Get the details on the 4 Section System – click here.

Thanks for stopping by to read the tip of the day.  I’ll be here all month sharing ideas from all of us at Totally-Tiffany as well as tips from other ScrapRack users.  If you’ve got a tip you’d like to share, I hope you’ll leave it in the comment box below.

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Meet the 4 Section System

Meet the 4 Section System

Please Note: In the above video there’s a contact phone number at the end. That number is no longer in use. To contact Totally-Tiffany, please call 253-284-9200. Why it works: It’s not rocket science, but it is science…the 4 Section System works by helping your brain create patterns for remembering.   These patterns are reinforced every time you create something,… Continue Reading