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Karen’s desk has been tidied up with our new desk organizers.

Karen’s desk has been tidied up with our new desk organizers.

Hi – It’s Karen, Goddess of Customer Service and Creative Catalyst at Totally-Tiffany.

(Just to be clear, the “Goddess” title was bestowed on me by Tiffany during a live taping, making it stick instantly.  I would never call myself that, but I’m always willing to help the customers and friends of Totally-Tiffany.  A lot of the Customer Service hat has been passed on to Sue these days, but rest assured that you’re always well taken care of by the team at Totally-Tiffany.)

I’ve worked with Tiffany since 2009, so you can imagine how I’ve been influenced over the years!  There are so many things I think about differently these days.  The area of organization, obviously, is a huge one.  Product design, testing and development is another.  Being able to try out, re-think, and “live with” Tiffany’s new creations is an education and an adventure – all the time.

Karen's Deskmaid at work

Getting the Desk Maid line together has been fun and rewarding.  Not only is it good for my crafting tools at home, but I LOVE the Stadium Arranger and the Tool Tower on my desk at the office.  The Tool Tower allows me to sort my pens, highlighters, pencils, Sharpies, and tools into separate sections.  That might not even sound like a feature to you, but I’ve decided that I can’t go back now.  Tool Towers forever!  The Stadium Arranger is just what I needed to get all the “little things” together, visible, and looking tidy.  I’ve struggled with all the individual office pieces to try to deal with these things, but am so happy to put the Clearly Organized boxes into my Stadium Arranger and have it all done!  There’s a real cohesive look to these Desk Maid pieces – they are solid, white, and the same depth so they line up perfectly.

With so many ways to use the Desk Maid pieces, I’m sure you’ll join me in my love for them.  Check out Tiffany’s blog for even more ideas on how helpful these Maids can be!

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Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

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