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3 Reasons to LOVE our 1.5″ Punch Pack

Our Stamp and Punch Packs are part of our EZ2Organize Product line. They come in 4 designs.  I’m sure you’ll love all of them, but this week we’re featuring the 1.5″ Punch Pack.   This great little storage tool has many redeeming qualities, but I’m just going to mention 3 of them.

#1 They’re CLEAR

That might not sound like such a big deal, but it is!  If you’ve followed along with any of our Get Organized Challenge classes, you’ve heard me say (multiple times) – If you can see it – you’ll use it!  When it comes to crafting, “out of sight” is definitely “out of mind.”

That’s not a problem with this crystal clear organizer.

#2 The Pull-Out Tray

Whether you’re using a 1.5″ Punch Pack for punches, paints or project planning, the pull-out tray is great.

The tray helps you get to the punches or supplies at the bottom of the Punch Pack without having to “dig” through the stuff at the top.

It’s also a perfect place to keep all the pieces of a project together on your workspace, and then easy to put it all away when you’re done.


#3 Easy Traveler

The 1.5″ Punch Pack is SOOOO easy to travel with, whether you’re travelling across the state to a crafting event or just travelling from your craft closet to your workspace.

The handle/strap across the top has been reinforced for added strength and support. You can carry your Punch Pack anywhere.

The slim design fits perfectly on your shelf or in your craft tote.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little about the 1.5″ Punch Pack. It’s a super versatile organizer that will rapidly become one of your favorite storage tools.

How many do you need?

The 1.5″ Punch Pack is on Buy More / Save More Special through May 28th!  Learn more or shop now.

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