The Get Organized Challenge, what you need to know.

What do you need to participate?

The only thing you really need is a desire to get your craft supplies organized. There are no requirements for product purchases.  Tiffany makes a point of offering other suggestions for storage products that can be used in place of Totally-Tiffany brand products during each of the classes.

We know we’re a little biased, but we believe our products are simply the best options for paper crafting supplies.  They’re designed by people who actually papercraft. Our focus is on scrapbooking, card making, stamping AND being able to travel to crafting events with your supplies.

What does the Get Organized Challenge cost?

There are no fees for participating in the GOC.  We won’t ask you for a credit card number, we don’t even require you to give us your email.  You can attend the GOC anonymously by just following Tiffany on Livestream.  Downloads and printables are available on our website.  With that said, if you do sign up on the GOC email list, you’ll receive both a reminder email the day before class and a follow up email after the class. Both of these provide easy access to class content as well as additional supporting content.

What does the class entail?

Each class is about 1 hour long.  Classes are taught live over YouTube or Livestream and are also streamed on our Get Organized Challenge Group Facebook Page.

During the live classes you are able to ask questions.  This can be done on either the Facebook or YouTube platform.

We recommend that you download and print the class handout before class.  A notepad and something to write with are also recommended.

What happens if I can’t watch the class while it is “live?”

Of course, the big advantage to watching the class live is the opportunity to ask questions and read/listen to the questions that have been asked by others. However, rest assured that you can still fully participate even if you can’t watch live. The class is broadcast over both FB and Livestream. Each of those platforms will save the class as a “video” so you can watch it there at any time.

If you prefer the ease of YouTube, we also post the GOC videos there. If you choose to subscribe to Tiffany’s YouTube channel, you’ll even get a notification each time the new video is posted. The notification will include a direct link to the video. Easy!

What’s the best way to communicate with other participants during the GOC?

The GOC has an extensive participant group on Facebook. The Get Organized Challenge group is comprised of current and past participants from all over the world.

Joining the group will give you an opportunity to ask questions, share your success, and encourage others as you work through each challenge. Because the group is large and there are members from everywhere, if you have a question or need help, you can usually get the quickest answer by posting in the GOC Facebook Group.

You are also welcome to email us with questions – . We do our best to answer quickly, but we aren’t as fast as the FB group.

Weekly Contests

Throughout the GOC we have several contests.

Each week we have a “Progress Post” contest. This is a simple “drawing” style contest. In order to be entered into the Progress Post drawing you simply have to post in the Get Organized Challenge FB group telling everyone about your progress. If you’re not on Facebook, you can also enter by sending an email to, with “Progress Post” in the subject line, and a description of what you’ve accomplished over the last week in the body of the email. Progress posts/Emails need to be completed by Monday at midnight to be considered for the Tuesday morning drawing.

There are also several “just for fun” contests.

“What was I thinking?” – Ugly Paper Contest
“This must have been FREE!” -Ugliest Embellishment Contest
“Why didn’t I delete/toss this?” – Ugly Photo Contest

To enter these contests, you’ll just need to post your “entry” in the contest feed (usually pinned to the top of the FB group page) each week. Again, if you’re not on FB you can send the .jpg of your entry to, include your contact information, and we’ll post your entry in the contest feed for you. Please be aware that the post in the contest feed will include your first and last name.

Ensure your success

For most participants, the GOC is a lot of work.  It’s difficult to stay focused when the task seems overwhelming.  To help ensure your success, invite a crafty friend or family member to take the challenge with you!  Having another person (or people) involved will hold you accountable to getting your weekly assignment done.  It is also GREAT for your brain when someone asks you how you’re doing and you can say – “I’ve completed my assignment.” The brain LOVES success and the more success you have, the more you will have.

Share a link to this post with your favorite crafty pals and encourage them to join you.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a bit about the Get Organized Challenge.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and join us for the next challenge.  Register here!

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  1. I love my scrap rack! My craft room, which will be more organized after this challenge, thanks to you, Do you have anything for organizing fabric and sewing supplies, which share my craft room?

    • Hi –
      So glad you love your ScrapRack. I’m working on sewing room organization right now. Tell me what you need the most help with, why you like what you’re using and why you don’t like. I would really appreciate your insight. Tif

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