The history of the Rotating Design Board

A little over a year ago my good friend Ellen casually mentioned that she had just gotten a new REALLY cool coloring book.  I was a little surprised, Ellen isn’t what I would call “crafty.” Come to find out she had been “coloring” for about a year.  It was the first I’d heard of it – where had I been?

I started asking around, my mom, my aunt, 2 of the gals I work with, 2 more girlfriends and my niece were ALL spending some of their free time coloring.  I decided to give it a try.  I stopped into Hobby Lobby and picked up a coloring book and a set of fine tipped markers on my way home from work.

I brought out my coloring supplies that evening while I was watching the football game with my husband.  I was hooked in about 10 minutes.  An hour later I was on the computer ordering more coloring books, more markers and a large set of colored pencils.

I was set, mandalas, flowers, card fronts – I was ready to create while I sat on couch and watched TV.  The trouble was, I couldn’t hold my book in my lap and have good resisitance so I had to lean forward and color on the coffee table.  I was constantly rotating my coloring project, every time I move the project I bumped my pens and pencils which sent them rolling everywhere.  It was annoying, but I was still really enjoying the relaxing experience of coloring. 

A few days later, I tried coloring in bed.  That was tough.  Again, no real resistance with the coloring book and pencils and pens were everywhere.

“How can I solve this problem?”

I needed a rotating surface that was heavy enough to provide resistance and lightweight enough to be portable, at least from room to room.  I had a large round Lazy Susan in the dining room.  It was a little bulky and the bottom piece of it was smaller than the top piece, so it was wobbly – but the idea was solid.

Lazy Susan dark

The next day at work, with a little help from my super handy and always helpful husband, I built a Rotating Design Board. It was flawed, but the issues with the first version were easily fixed. 

I loved it! It made coloring so much more fun!  I told Ellen about it and showed it to the girls at the office – all of them said, “Can you make me one?”  So, I did. 

  If you love to color you’ll love it even more when you’re coloring on a Rotating Design Board.  You’ll also love the Rotating Design Board for other things.  Check back here over the next few days as I post up the variety of ways you can use your Rotating Design Board.

  Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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4 Responses to The history of the Rotating Design Board

  1. I know you kept it small for good reasons, but I wish the board was larger! Most of my pages are larger than 8 1/2 x 11. And some are in books without tear out pages!

  2. I know I can use this. I read, color and pay bills when I go to bed. I don’t watch TV so I go to bed earlier than most people. I’m sure I’ll like this product.

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