There is no “Miscellaneous” category in organization.

As you sort, store and organize your supplies, avoid using a “Miscellaneous” category. This category goes completely against the basic purpose of organization. Here are a few reasons people try to use a miscellaneous category and some solutions you can use to avoid it.

    Reason #1
    You only have 1 item that would go into that theme/category and you don’t think it’s a good idea to start a category for just 1 thing.

    You’re probably right about the fact that you don’t want to start a category for just one thing. – I said, probably – here’s an exception:
    The item was purchased for a future need and you’re likely to buy more items for that future need (i.e. you’re planning a Disney Trip with your kids in the summer so you purchased this item for use after that trip). Start the section NOW so you’ll be able to easily store things as you acquire them. None of us Scrappers has a shopping problem, so you may not buy anymore Disney stuff, but just incase….

    Storing the item without creating a new section:
    If the one thing you’re trying to store is something you got in a crop goody bag, won as a door prize, or bought at such a great price you couldn’t pass it up and it’s an item you’ll probably never use, let’s say – a Bungee Jumping Embellishment – but hey, it was cheap or free, so you might as well keep it where do you store it?

    Just in case you decide later in life that you’re going to take up Bungee Jumping, store that item, in this case, the Bungee Jumping Embellishment, in the section that best represents it, so if you don’t have a section for “things that might make me throw up” try filing it somewhere like Sports.

    Something you bought for a future use, but you probably won’t buy any more
    Okay, if you picked up one item – pink silk flowers, for you niece’s ballet pictures – but you don’t have any other ballet stuff, and you don’t want to forget about the flowers when you scrap those pictures, you can do one of two things – store the flowers with the pictures, or you can store the flowers in the Pinks/Red section of your rainbow and include a note with the pictures, reminding you that you bought the flowers and where you stored them. You can write a physical note if you have already printed the pictures, or just include a “tag” with the pictures on your computer so when you actually print the pictures you’ll remember the flowers.

    Reason #2 – There is no category it fits into.
    This is most common when we’re talking about words and quotes. If you have words or quotes that are generic, that weren’t purchased for any specific intention, they can be challenging to sort and store.

    Create a Category in your Theme’s Section, under “W” labeled W.O.W. – Words of Wisdom. When ever you get words or quotes that are non-specific, you can store them in this section. Use caution though, It’s easy to slide something into the WOW section just because it’s a word(s) but it would really belong somewhere more specific like – “Happy Birthday” – which should go into your Birthday Section, or “Go Team,” which of course should go into your Sports section.

    Reason #3 -You’ll be using them very soon.
    If you’ve got item that you are planning on using at the next crop, class, or even just the next time you scrap, you may want to file them using the Ready, Set, Crop Method. Here’s a link to a short vide about that easy and efficient system

    In a nutshell – if you keep the following two basic ideas in mind – you’ll be able to easily abolish your “Miscellaneous” category.
    · Keep things together you would use together.

    · If you bought something specifically for a set of pictures or an event, store it with the other items you will use when scrap those pictures.

9 Responses to There is no “Miscellaneous” category in organization.

  1. This is my first visit and first read and you have already helped me so much. I have been weeding out older supplies to give to my DIL for the past few days. I have sheets of stickers with different phrases and kept setting them aside trying to decide where I could file them that I would remember. Now I know…in my WOW section. LOL

    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Cindy –
    Thanks for letting me know, I view in Firefox, and when I switched over to Explorer I could see what you were talking about. I'll be sure to view in both from now on. It should be fixed now. Thanks again.

  3. Hi,
    I just purchased a scrap rack and am very happy with how it has organized my scrapping supplies.
    Your videos have helped, too. I've even used your ideas to organize my clothes closet! Would you have any tips for someone with problems organizing routine household paper (not scrapping) i.e. recipes, notes on scratch paper?
    When I'm faced with a pile of it I get overwhelmed! Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Tiffany! I now have my WOW file and am so tickled that I read your blog and your suggestion.

    Do you have any ideas on how to sort and USE scrapping magazines. I have several magazine holders that are full, but I find it difficult to locate a magazine with a certain type of layout. I have tried sticky tabs, but they just get rumpled.
    I even tried cutting out favorite layouts/techniques and throwing the rest of the magazine away, but that is so time consuming.
    Thanks for any ideas.

    • Regarding the storage of craft magazines, I do what we do with medical journals. Remove the articles from the journal/magazine and file under the appropriate title. Could be in your scraprack or in a separate file cabinet. AAAAGGGHHHH! Yes, that means cutting up your precious magazine! The whole point is to have quick access to the the article, and there is NO WAY to do that leaving it in the magazine. It really does get easier dismantling your mags, and once you can quickly find the articles you need, you will be sold. Besides, do you really need to keep all those old advertisements and other wasted pages forever? It takes so much longer to leaf through and takes up way too much storage space. Use an envelope opener, the kind with the blade that you slide along the page edge, and it goes very quickly. I do whole pages and mark with a sharpy what I’m interested in if there are multiple items. Smaller pieces just get lost.

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