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Teaching classes, answering emails, responding to online posts – in each of these arenas I regularly find that we try to “over think” the issue of organization.
For me organization can be boiled down into one simple concept – finding what I need, when I need it.
There are a few things that can put a “hitch in your get-a-long” when you’re trying to find what you need, but the biggest one is what I call “Thoughtless Containerization.”
What is Thoughtless Containerization?
  This is a frequent occurrence in cupboards, closets and garages all over the country.  Thoughtless Containerization (TC) occurs whenever you think “where should I put this?” and your brain responds – “I have no idea – just put it in a box in the garage and we’ll worry about it later.”  Into the garage that item goes, never to be seen again.

   In order to avoid TC and hours of hunting for the item when you want it again, take a moment to “Pause and Ponder.”  Ask yourself a couple of simple questions about the item you’re storing.

When will I need this again?

Will I use it in conjunction with something else?
Will anyone else in my family/office need it before I do?

Once you’ve taken the time to ask these questions, your brain will go to work selecting the appropriate place to store the item.
It’s like magic.  Because you’ve taken a few moments to “think” about where the item is stored, you’re brain has started forming a pattern for remembering.  Reinforce that pattern, by telling yourself, verbally if possible – “I’m storing the (item name) in the (where ever).  It’s all about getting your brain to make the connections.  If you’ve take my Get Organized Classes for crafting – the next one starts on the 21st of January –  this is why the ideas in class work.  We are connecting what we are storing to a theme, event, color, etc.

  Give Pause and Ponder a try.  You can do it with anything, not just things you are storing.  Try it with your car keys or something else your regularly spend time looking for.  Ask yourself a couple of questions, put the item down somewhere, reinforce it with a mental or verbal statement – let me know how it works for you.
Think Simply and Organize Well.

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