Tiny Tasks, Big Results – 30 Days of stress-less organizing tips for the holidays


   So much of holiday stress comes from the feeling like you’re constantly overwhelmed and behind the “eight ball” or should I say “cheese ball.” 

  Starting today I’ll post one EASY thing you can do to help ease the holiday overwhelm a little at a time. I’ve focused on tasks that can be accomplished in a matter of just a few minutes.  Simple steps that will get you to mid-December feeling like you’ve got it all under control.  When Christmas Eve rolls around you’ll be as excited as the kids are, knowing that you can enjoy the festivities with far less stress. 
  I’ll post the tips here on my blog, so if you bookmark it, you’ll be able to get right back to where I left off. I’ll be Tweeting them out as well, so if you prefer a link in your Twitter Feed, Click Here to follow me on Twitter.
Let’s get started:
Day 1 – An easy to use, no frills, quick reference calendar – no reading glasses necessary!
  Print a November and a December calendar off the internet (if you’ve got colored paper available, use that) or if possible photo copy the November and December pages off your home calendar – again on colored paper if available. Colored paper really helps these pages to standout and be easily reconized.  
  This will become your holiday scheduling bible.  Do this EVEN if you use the calendar in your phone.  It’s a quick reference other members of your family can view or that you can bring out at dinner time to discuss with everyone. 
  Each night just before heading off to bed, you’ll update the commitments on your portable paper calendar to your wall calendar, your phone, or the small checkbook sized calendar you carry in your purse or briefcase. 
  The full sized sheets allow you to include more information in the “date square” and also provide extra space in the margins or on the back if you need to scribble down extra notes.  Paper calendars also allow you to take notes at a parent’s meeting or church event, etc., without the others around you thinking you’re “texting” and not paying attention. 
  Additionally, you can pull these sheets out when you’re on the phone and do a quick check of you schedule while still having a conversation.
  BONUS – if you’re over 40 and need reading glasses to check the calendar on your phone, you probably won’t need them to check this larger calendar. 🙂

    To find a printable calendar, just Google Search: “Printable November 2012 Calendar” you’ll get lots of options.  I like this one because it has lines in the squares.  You can choose to print it in portrait view and leave space underneath for more notes or, you can print it in landscape and fill the whole page with the calendar.  http://getfreecalendars.com/calendars/2012/november-2012-calendar-printable/editable-november-2012-calendar.jpg

  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!  Please let me know how this works out for you.

4 Responses to Tiny Tasks, Big Results – 30 Days of stress-less organizing tips for the holidays

  1. I am sooooo onboard with this idea. I am tired of making excuses for not being ready for Xmas and always forgetting something. Thanks Tiffany. I'll be following your blog religiously. Already printed off my calendar. Time to put this into action…. and no more excuses! I'm energized – ready for a successful Christmas!! Looking forward to counting down the days, instead of dreading them. Yippee

  2. I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving!!
    Where did November go ?? I was laughing at people putting up their Christmas decorations thinking they were nuts.. Is their room on the calender for finishing a bathroom remodel ??

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