Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Day 13, Christmas Card Organization

Organizing Christmas Cards from years past – and this year too.
What to do with Christmas Cards at the end of the season, hmmm….it’s always an emotional decision.  We hate to throw them away, but what can be done with them?

Here’s a fast, 
simple idea:
Tie them in bundles with beautiful ribbons and pack them away with your other holiday decorations.  Each year set the bundles around your home, on coffee tables, end tables, mantle pieces etc.  They’ll make beautiful decorations and mementos all in one.
  Add a tag to the bundle that has the year on one side. On the other side of the tag write a note inviting friends and family to untie the bundle and read the cards.  Who knows, Christmas Card reading might just turn into an annual tradition.
  Do you have a great idea for Christmas Cards? I’d love to hear about it. 

 Thanks for stopping in to chat!

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  1. Hi Tiffany!
    I like to pack my Christmas cards with my wrapping paper. Then the next year, I use the cards for decorating the Christmas gifts and using them for gift tags. It's a nice way to be a little creative by using the festive pictures on the front of the card….Karen

  2. an idea I came across was to bundle up cards for each child/person, and punch holes either notebook/corner style, insert rings, tie rings with holiday ribbon!……carla sue

  3. I like this idea! My old cards are currently in zip lock bags with the date written on the outside. I sometimes feel guilty about keeping old Christmas cards, because they do take up space. Allowing them to become part of the decorations (and th ecelebration) is a good idea!

  4. I like to save at least the front of cards. Some of them are beautiful enough to frame. The verses I put into a book to use on my own homemade cards.

  5. I have punched holes in mine and attached them all with jump rings. I added a cover and a back made of heavier cardstock and tied ribbons on the rings. Voila! Christmas card book for the coffee table during Christmas. 🙂

  6. Tiffany you are SO inspiring…this is what I do with my Christmas cards: I have been scrapbooking them since 1990. I start the new year section of my scrapbook off with our family christmas picture and then I have all of the Christmas pictures we have received for that year scrapped together …I then take the Christmas cards and cut some of the lettering and pictures from them and use them also on my scrapbook pages for that year. I love to look back at them and see how families have grown in size and changes of clothes on everyone. I put those scrapbooks on my coffee table during the month of December!

  7. De – Thanks so much for sharing with me/us. I love looking back at how families have grown/changed as well. It's become a tradition in our home to revisit these old Christmas photos as well.

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