Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Day 2, Make room for the new.

Out with the old – making space for the new!

 We all have intentions of cleaning out our closets, the game closet, or the kids rooms before the holidays.  This is an item that for many of us sounds like a great idea, but somehow we never quite find the time to get it all done. 

  Making room for the new things that will arrive in your home over the holiday season can be really easy if you start early and keep it simple.  Set up a “donate” box in your closet, in the kid’s closets/rooms, in the family room, in the garage, and in the laundry room. It will be easy to place items in these boxes as you come across things you no longer need/want.  Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself, just set yourself up for success by having the boxes available.  As you go through your daily life you’ll find plenty to fill the boxes without actually adding a chore, “clean out the closet,” to your list.

  If you have children, let them know they will need space for their new toys/gifts too.  Find a local charity that cleans up and refurbishes toys and games for needy families.  It’s so easy for children to be generous when they understand that there are other kids who won’t get things if they don’t donate/share the things they no longer need.  In Tacoma, which is where I live, we have a wonderful organization called The Toy Rescue Mission, they serve children for both Christmas and Birthdays.  They also serve the Senior community.  Here’s a link to their website, hopefully there is a similar program in your area. http://www.toyrescuemission.org/whoweare.html 
  I know lots of you that read my blog are crafters, when I was a kid, there was one gift I looked forward to getting every year – an Art Box.  It was a simple brown cardboard box filled with paper and stickers, glues and ribbons, a hole punch, crayons, markers, scissors, etc.  The box wasn’t fancy, just brown cardboard, none of the supplies “went together” but it was usually the gift I loved the most.  If you need to purge from your craft supplies during this holiday season, you could make some young child VERY happy by donating a box of supplies to a local charity.
  Set a goal to FILL each of the boxes you’ve placed around your house by the 8th of December.  On the 9th of December load up your donations and your family, deliver everything to the charity you’ve chosen and celebrate with a round of hot chocolate at your favorite local coffee shop.  On the way home pick up a couple more boxes, put one in the garage, and one in the coat closet.
 Make these boxes part of your normal “household” and it will be EASY to keep things that you no longer need moving out the door on a regular basis.  I call this the “Stream-Clean.”  It’s not really cleaning, it’s more like streamlining but it results in cleaning.

What you’ll need to complete this task:

  • 1 box for each of the rooms you want to clean out.
  • A few minutes to research a donation location in your area.
  • Mark your calendar with the date you’ll take everything out of the house.
  • A couple more boxes for the “Stream-Clean” project.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to hear about your progress.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

9 Responses to Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Day 2, Make room for the new.

  1. Dyno… I know that there is sooooo many things that are and have been laying around my home that someone would LOVE to have that can not afford them and need them… Thank you again for getting my home in order and organized, Tiffany.

  2. GREAT idea! I am moving soon and this tip reminded me of what the movers did for the very first time ever in 30 years of Navy moves. When they came to do the "pre inspection" a couple weeks before the big pack out they brought me a box that had a sign on the side. The box had 3 local charities listed on the side. The goal was to fill the box as we get "ready" for pack out with things we no longer need and then seal the box and choose the charity. It was GREAT! I always intend to clean closets before a move but rarely get to it. This was a great way to encourage me to clean out my unneeded stuff and to make sure someone in need gets it. :o)

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