Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Day 7, Wrap-n-Roll

Be ready to Wrap-n-Roll this season.
It never fails, there’s always a last minute party, event, or some other situation where you find yourself buying a gift “on the way.” 
  The biggest problem with this – you can often end up buying wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, – and maybe even scissors, at the same time.

    Save yourself some time, money and stress by packing a Wrap-n-Roll tote and putting it in the trunk of your car.
Fill one side with ribbons, bows, tags, pens, scissors, etc.
Fill the other side with paper, tissue, cards, gift bags, and gift card holders.
I used the Tote-tally Organized 13×13 Tote.  I filled one side with Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags, Cards and Tags.  I filled the other side with Ribbons, Bows, Pens, Scissors, Tape etc.  Everything needed to create a beautiful gift at a moments notice.
Want to hear my whole “Wrap-n-Roll” Tote story.  Watch the Video.
Thanks so much for stopping by to read today’s tip.  Feel free to add a comment and let me know how your holiday season is shaping up!

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