Tiny Tasks, Big Results, Holiday Organization Tip, Day 14

Get the Wrap Station Ready!
  You’ve started your shopping.  Presumably you’ve got your list going so you know exactly what you purchased and who you’ll be giving it to.  If you’re like me, wrapping gifts starts out being a joyful idea that rapidly declines into a major holiday chore.  Get a jump on wrapping this season by setting up a “wrapping station” somewhere in your home.  Mine is in my bedroom.  It’s a very simple station that consists of an “under the bed” tote. There are two keys to a successful wrapping station.
1. It has to be easy to take out, easy to put away.  This is really important if you want to be able to wrap a gift or two when you’ve got a spare few minutes.  EASY is really important.  If you have to drag everything out and put everything away you’re less likely to maximize that time.
2. The supplies in the tote have to be easy to access.   
The under the bed tote and a couple of smaller shoe boxes unlock both of these keys. 
The tote has wheels on one end.  I can easily pull it out when I’m ready to wrap.  The lid splits in half, so I can just fold back half or remove the whole thing.  Truthfully during the heavy wrapping season I usually put the tote back under my bed half open. 
   Use one of the shoe boxes to corral ribbon, bows, scissors, pens, and tape.  Try to teach yourself to drop the scissors, tape and pen back into the box as you’re wrapping.  That way you won’t be digging under wrapping scraps looking for them.  Use the second shoe box for “tag control.” 

What’s not in this picture? The other end of the tote.  Obviously the wrapping paper rolls fill the whole side, but hidden from view in the end next to the “tag” box is a neatly stacked pile of gift bags and tissue paper.  Everything has it’s own place.  There are plenty of choices, but not too many.  Easy to access and Easy to put away.  One added bonus. If you want to take the “wrapping station” somewhere else in your house to wrap gifts, it’s easy to move around.
  Do you have a good tip or trick for organizing your wrapping supplies? If so, I’d love to hear from you!
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  1. I had an unfinished laundry room in my basement. It was the only thing down there not finished. I found Ikea cabinets on Craigs List (used) that matched my kitchen cabinets and the uppers had glass doors! I got $500 worth of cabinets for $150 and hung drywall and then painted put down a low priced vinyl floor then hung the cabinets, also installed a big deep laundry sink!($2.00 at tag sale) I use one skinny cabinet for boxes, tissue paper and gift bags. Under the laundry table I have a 3 drawer rolling tote that I put all the bows, ribbon and tape in. I have a tall paper storage container with a lid to keep it clean. Everything is down there and all I do is open the table up or use the counter top. I usually wrap while the perm press is DE-wrinkling LOL
    This is also my "Messy Craft" room

  2. This is a great idea. I don't know if it is a New Zealand thing or just a people I know thing, but the beds are really low here. You can't fit anything under them! They only have enough space for air to flow about – about an inch and a half. I have a cupboard that has rolls on a shelf and I put ribbon, scissors and tape into one of the drawers. In another drawer I have card making supplies (I don't scrap 'themey' so themed items go into here for card-making along with card blanks). I always have plain and a boy/girl paper as well as Christmas paper ready to go.

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