Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Preparing for Unwrapping

  Okay, I know, many of us haven’t even wrapped our gifts yet and I’m already writing about unwrapping.  I was going to save this post until closer to Christmas, but all around me people are having early celebrations as friends and family get ready to head off on holiday vacations, pack up to move, or prepare for a military deployment. 
  If you’re hosting the holiday, you’ll be the one that misses out on the joy of unwrapping it you’re constantly having to jump up and get things. 
   Make the Unwrapping event a little easier by preparing a tray of “tools” that can slide under the couch.  You can do this at any time – as long as you don’t have small children around. If you do have small children, create the tray, but stash it somewhere else until after the kids are in bed on Christmas Eve.  During the Unwrap, you can pull the tray out and have easy access to anything you need.
My little tool tray includes:

  1. A pair of scissors for cutting through ribbon.
  2. A pen and note pad – for keeping track of who gave what to whom
  3. A garbage bag or 2 – keeping the wrapping under control helps to insure that things don’t get lost and/or thrown away by mistake.
  4. A box cutter – for getting through those “clam shell” type packages.
  5. A pair of wire cutters – So many things are packaged using zip ties or twist ties, this make getting toys out of their packaging quick and easy.
  6. One reuseable shopping bag for each family member.  This provides and easy place for everyone to corral their small items together.  It also makes it much easier for everyone to haul their stuff into their rooms at the end of the day.

  How do you handle the “madness” that can often accompany unwrapping? 
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3 Responses to Tiny Tasks, Big Results – Preparing for Unwrapping

  1. This is the perfect time to post this, Tiffany. I'm almost done wrapping, but I can add this to my to-do list for the next few days, and it will get done by Christmas eve (probably! LOL!) The next hurdle is actually remembering I put the tray under the couch! HA!HA!
    I use my Tim Holtz cutters for the wire and zip ties. I also like one of the little ceramic cutters for slicing through cellophane and shrink wrap, like the kind on DVD boxes or CD cases. They have these at Michael's.

  2. Great tips!! I started my wrapping this weekend. I always think it's going to be "Fun" so I save it for last. For some reason it starts out fun but finishes up being a chore. This year I'm hoping to have it all done before the kids start school break.
    Thanks for your comments,

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